What Do You Want It To Say On Your Headstone?

The history of headstones markers goes back as far as the Greeks and Romans. Ancient civilizations used stone monuments to honor the dead and to prevent graves sites from being disturbed.

As the years passed, people began to request specific information be etched into their gravestones like their religious and personal beliefs, family ancestry and even their occupation while walking among the living. Eventually, people began requesting funny quotes or sayings replace the typical bible verse or generic "beloved parent" or "devoted husband" designations.

On the Oddee Facebook page, we asked readers what they want on their headstone. The answer ranged from hilarious to heartfelt and even a few that were downright confusing. Here are some of our favorite responses.

1"I'm not home right now but if you'd like to leave your name and number I'll get right back to you."

2“How the hell am I supposed to get to heaven now, buried 6 feet under with all this muck on top of me??”

3“If you can read this, you're standing on my face!”

4“I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.”

5“Don't forget to water the plants!”

6"Died with a smile, a belly full of beer and a beautiful woman's mouth around his…"

7"What's the worst that could happen?"

8"In the end, she realized that every time her heart was broken, it only gave her more room to love."

9“Don't delete my DVR, I'm coming back.”

10"Well This Sucks"

11“I told you I didn't feel good.”

12“Not appreciating my puns was a grave mistake.”

13"I'm watching you right now..."

14“Trusting my friends was a Grave mistake.”

15“That went well, didn't it?”

16“I was hoping for a pyramid.“

17“That was a bit uncalled for.“

18“She tried to change the world. Instead the world changed her.“

19“Do not disturb. You had your chance to visit and spend time with me when I was alive!”

20“Reached lvl 100 and beat the game of life. RIP.“

21“Every silver lining has a touch of grey.“

22“So this is what sleep feels like...“

23“I just died in your arms tonight, must have been something you said..“

24“Ain’t nothing here cuz this guy was cremated.“

25“It was fun while it lasted.“

26“Here lies the quintessential inconsequential mockery.“

27“You should see the other guy.“