10 Crazy Trump Doppelgängers

1A caterpillar

The flannel moth caterpillar (Megalopyge opercularis) sports fluffy, orange tufts that look suspiciously similar to Donald Trump's luxurious mane. Researchers have dubbed it the "Trumpapillar," after the President-elect.

2This Turkish Man

Turkey's Abdullah Topçu is now a celebrity due to his resemblance to Trump. Topçu loves every minute of his newfound fame and hopes for the best: "As far as we can judge by the statements of Trump, he intends to cooperate with Turkey. We hope that his presidency will be beneficial to us."

3Vegan Butter

A wall of delicious, buttery goodness, that is. Make America tasty again!

4A Back To The Future Villain

Bob Gale, writer of Back To The Future Part II, has revealed Biff Tannen, the bully and bad guy from the franchise, is indeed based on Trump.

5A Pumpkin Pie

Trump or "suffering" pie... which is which?

6A Potato Sprouting Roots

You say potato, I say...Donald Trump?

7A Pokémon Character

Yellow hair? Check. Lapel-like chest fur? check. Tiny claws for hands? Check. Meet Gumshoos, a new Pokémon character that has Twitter teeming with speculation.

8A "Yuge" Rooster

This Trump rooster was erected in Taiyuan, the capital and largest city of north China's Shanxi province. At least four stores are offering replicas of the cock—they vary in price from $57-$1,739 for those seeking a 32-foot figure.

9A Bird

Ladies and gentlemen, the "Pheasident"-elect.

10A Menstrual Pad

In other words, a bloody mess.