10 Weird Menorahs

1Colorful Canine Menorah

This cute, psychedelic dog is named Muttel and can be found for sale here.

2Rocket Menorah

A Hanukkah menorah made of Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.

3Stoli and Rye Menorah

A little inappropriate? Possibly.

4Jonathan Adler Dachshund Menorah

This white porcelain Dachshund menorah by Jonathan Adler is perfect for pet lovers!

5Altoids Tin Menorah

A menorah obviously made from what was on hand.

6LEGO Menorah

LEGOs are everywhere, including Hanukkah celebrations. Made by Etsy seller @notgirlscoutcookies.

7Wildlife Menorah

Because every Hanukkah celebration needs a glittery, purple rhino, doesn't it?

8Menorah of PEZ Dispensers

A Star Wars/PEZ Hanukkah collaboration.

R.I.P. Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher).

9Fish Head Menorah

There's something "fishy" about this menorah.

10Star Trek Menorah

Hanukkah...the final frontier.