14 Unbelievable Political Signs From the 2016 Presidential Campaign

That seems like a fair trade.

It's not enough that Trump likes Hunt's ketchup, but he also roots for Cleveland, hates pierogies and moved someone's parking chair, say the yard signs printed in bold red, white and blue in psychiatrist Eric Rickin's yard Fox Chapel, PA. Rickin feels Trump's "whole campaign and his positions are absurd. But when you try to argue with logic, it doesn't really work." He says he's confronting “the absurd with absurdity.”

Even some businesses have joined the political fray.

The most persuasive sign we've seen yet.

An off-the-beaten-path polling place?

Reason enough not to vote for him right there.

Some aren't happy with either presidential candidate.

Anything to take the edge off!

The cat gets our vote!


A sentiment and a movement that's gathering steam.

This guy is not about keeping it all in the family.

Actually, with the exception of second wife Marla Maples, that's pretty true.

Double entendre at a Trump rally.