10 More Strange Canned Foods

1Sheep Head

Canned or fresh, you couldn't pay us!

2Brown Bread

Bread in a can? Who would have thought it? By all accounts, one of the tastiest items on our list and perfect for camping!


Can the Candwich fight world hunger? Possibly — FEMA even ordered 10 MILLION Candwiches to send to Hurricane Katrina Victims. Festival crowds and busy professionals dig this on-the-go meal.

4Camel Meat

Perfect for Hump Day! (Get it?)

5Edible Bugs

If this is the food of the future (some say it is), we're quite happy here in the present.


50 pieces come rolled up in a can and are apparently ready to eat — that is, if you are actually ready to eat them.

7Scrambled Eggs & Bacon

The eggs don't make things any more appetizing, either.

8Bear Meat

Likely the only time in your life you'll one up a bear.

9Veggie Meat

We have actually tried some of these canned vegetarian foods. They are not too horrible if you like your hot dogs, tuna, beef and scallops to taste exactly the same.

10German Potato Salad

You know that delightful side dish with fresh ingredients that someone always brings to a summer barbecue? Well, this isn't it.