12 Cute Camouflaged Pets

1Confusing the Cat

The cat in this photo knows there's a dog in the room—it just can't figure out where.

2A Mop or a Dog?

That's no mop—that's a breed of dog known as a Hungarian Komondor.

3A Couch Potato

Someone has already beat you to the couch. The trick is not to sit on him since he blends in so easily.

4"Beary" Tricky

Where does the bear start and the cat end?

5Stealthy Strays

Even outdoors, these two dogs have found a way to go into hiding.

6A Wood Floor with a Slight Furry Bump

A cat hides in plain sight.

7The Sneaky Sleeper

In bed no one can see you sleep.

8A Pile of Dirty Laundry

That's not a towel, so don't throw it in the laundry!

9A Complete Blackout

We assure you, there is a dog there.

10Interspecies Camouflage

Love knows no bounds.

11The Mystery Mammal

Rabbit on a rug—at least we think it's a rabbit.

12The Soccer Ball

Please, don't kick the wrong one!