10 Bizarre Easter Candies

1Chocolate Cross

We're not religious, and we love chocolate, but could we bite into this cross without feeling guilty? Probably not.

2Zombie Bunny Lollipops

Made to look like dead and rotting bunny rabbits, these candies are only for those brave enough to put roadkill in their mouths.

3Bunny Poop

Sure, we know they're chocolate, but it's still hard to get past the name.

4Peeps Soda

Not candy, but candy influenced—otherwise known as "Easter Sugar Water."

5Carrot Cake Kisses

Loved in some circles, reviled in others, it looks like carrot cake-flavored Hershey's kisses are here to stay. Spokesperson Lauren Aardewijn said, “Easter season, you think about carrots, you think about bunnies. There is nothing more symbolic than carrot cake.”

The Kisses “honestly taste just like carrot cake,” said Aardewjin. They are “smooth” with a “light cream cheese–like filling in the center.”

6Jellybean Milk

Jellybean milk looks a little too much like Pepto Bismol for our liking.

7Pastel Candy Corn

Candy Corn tastes waxy and plastic in general—the pastel coloring make it feel even more so.

8Peeps in unusual flavors

The start of spring heralds the start of Peeps season. Are you brave enough to try red velvet, sugar plum, or blueberry Peeps? If you aren't, they'll at least make a colorful addition to your Easter diorama!

9Marshmallow Pop

Deformed Easter bunny? Chicken? A little of both?

10Peep Christ

For this, we're going straight to hell!