Another 10 Curious Cover-Up Tattoos

Tattoo needles don't come with built-in spell check—sometimes a little corrective work is necessary.

Technically, it's not a cover-up since you can still see the original, but the artist came up with a creative solution—treat the original like an assignment handed into an English teacher. He's a bit a sloppy with his coffee cup, but his command of spelling is perfect.

Terrible tattoos are constant reminders of awful mistakes. Often rushed and sometimes misspelled, an artist's screw up can leave you with a permanent brand on your skin. One tattoo artist decided to take an alternate route by turning one customer's tattoo lemons into lemonade. She covered up an embarrassing Pikachu tattoo with another Pikachu tattoo, and it's downright genius. Redditor Schismatron claims the artist is named Lindsay Baker, and she works at NiteOwl Tattoo in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Yes, we've all been there. When you're in love, time stands still and even the most stupid things make sense, like getting a tattoo that somehow symbolizes your significant other. In that case, just make sure you STAY in love. Otherwise, you'll need to come up with a creative solution, like a cover-up tattoo.

This girl came up with a passive-aggressive solution to her “Andy” tattoo, and the result is hilarious. We bet that her new significant other doesn't find it as amusing as we do.

Lauren's former boyfriend decided to become Ralph Lauren's most enthusiastic fan.

Well, it's better than having a misspelled tattoo.

I wonder what she will do once she breaks up with Ryan Wilson.

Little black book tattoo.

Well, that's one way to cover it up!

When you know you've made a mistake but don't want to deal with it.

No one will never notice she had a tattoo.