8 Extreme Acts of Self Love

1Woman marries herself in fancy ceremony

I hope she doesn't file for divorce.

Yasmin Eleby made a promise to that if she didn't find the perfect mate by the time she was 40, she would marry herself. And that she did on January 3, 2015, in front of family and friends complete with a wedding cake and 10 bridesmaids. Although it's not a legal ceremony, she said the wedding served as a symbolic reminder that it's important to love yourself before you can accept anyone else into your life.

2Tokyo man holds masturbation record of almost 10 hours

It's a record that's really hard to beat.

Masanobu Sato of Tokyo has made his mark in the annals of self-love. He holds the record for longest masturbation session with a whopping 9 hours and 58 minutes of wank time. Sadly, Guinness doesn't recognize the achievement (and his girlfriend thinks it's just a hobby), but Masanobu is now a three-time champion and shows no signs of letting up. Watch him train in his living room below!

3Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson breaks world selfie record

This is an act of self-love that Guinness does recognize — most selfies taken in three minutes. During the London premiere of his 2015 movie “San Andreas,” Mr. Johnson took 105 selfies, and a Guinness representative was there to certify the achievement. Dwayne said the doing so gave his arm a “helluva workout.” (But probably not as much as Masanobu.)

4Turkmanistan Dictator erects 69 foot statue of himself riding horse

Dictators are obviously narcissists, but Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, Turkmanistan's self-appointed leader since 2006, stands head and shoulders above the rest. That's because he recently had a giant statue commissioned of himself cast in bronze and decorated with 24-karat gold leaf. He had it installed atop a white marble cliff 69 feet above the center of Ashgabat, the country's capital. Berdymukhamedov insists that the statue was created at the urging of his people. “My main goal is to serve the people and the motherland,” he humbly stated.

5Actor Shia LeBouf livestreams video of himself watching his own movies

He called the project #AllMyMovies

Shia LeBouf has taken self love and raised it to the level of “art” before (see 10 Famous People who Make Horrible Art) but he has outdid himself in his latest stunt. In November 2015, Mr. Lebouf rented out a screen at the Angelika Film Center in New York and for three days straight, live-streamed himself watching his own movies in reverse chronological order.

6A-Rod has portraits of himself as a centaur

Not the actual painting, but it may look something like this

NY Yankee infielder Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod as he is affectionately known to fans, understandably has a bit of an ego. But according to an ex-girlfriend, his self love delves into the realm of the fantastic. This unnamed ex told US Weekly that the slugger has not one, but TWO portraits of himself as a Centaur, a mythical half-man half-horse; one of which was said to have been hung over his bed. “It was ridiculous,” said the ex.

7Woman spends full minute trying to capture “perfect” selfie

Narcissists always want to capture themselves looking their best. But a video of this selfie-taking woman went viral because of her unrelenting determination to get the perfect shot. For a full minute, she preens and poses, even literally bending over backwards, to get it just right. The original video, which has since been removed, received over a million views.

8Ben Stiller wins award for longest selfie stick

The “selfie” is the height of self-love, so it's not surprising that it makes several appearances on our list. Comedian Ben Stiller was at the 2016 London premiere of “Zoolander 2” and carried a selfie stick measuring 28 feet, 1 inch, which was long enough to take the above selfie and earn him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. No comment so far from The Rock.