10 More Inappropriate Children’s Books

1They want you to cook with what?

Winnie the Pooh is a bear that gets into lots of mischief. It wasn't until "Cooking With Pooh" came out that it was truly known just how naughty this silly ol' bear can get.

2Santa's "ho's" taste like chocolate

'Tis the season to learn all about Santa and his chocolate flavored "hos."

3A bedtime story that will give your kid a complex

Inside every fat girl is a hidden a skinny, athletic star. At least that is what Maggie Goes On A Diet would like your daughter to think.

The author defended himself by saying he was promoting healthy eating habits, but his explanation was no match for the damaging cover.

4A kids book that won't exactly make you think of vegetables

Who's hungry?

5Giving kids the straight poop on how the body works

Not exactly inappropriate but it sure as shit is funny. When your little ones are learning about their bodies, you may or may not have to resort to a book that explains how poop is made and how it escapes.

6The book that breaks down crack for your kid

They say there is a time and a place for everything, but preschool might not be the best time to teach your kids about "The House That Crack Built."

7A farm animal orgy

All this silly chicken wants is a damn worm. When he can't yank it out of the ground himself, he enlists his barnyard friends to help him pull it out.
And pull it out they do.

8 When moms get drunk it's your fault

The book that wants your kids to take a good, hard look at your life.

9It's no secret that this is creepy

Sometimes things just don't turn out how you plan. Like writing a children's book that turns up looking (and sounding) like an episode of Dateline.

10When daddy goes to the big house

Proving that there really is a story for everyone, this book helps ease the stress if your Daddy is in the clink.