13 Freaky Pieces of Body Part Jewelry

1WispAdornments' Memorial Jewelry

In the Victorian era, it was common to make jewelry from the knotted and braided hairs of your deceased loved ones. While that practice is mostly gone today, WispAdornments seeks to keep that tradition alive by making custom jewelry pieces from hair, baby teeth, and ashes. They also sell jewelry made from bones, though the bones come from buffalo skulls, not humans.

2King Ice's Erectable Penis Pendant

A quick Etsy search will show many variants on penis-shaped charms, but this design by King Ice might just be the only one that can go from flaccid to erect with a simple pull on the chain.

3Extollo Jewelry Toothy Creations

Made from real human teeth, these necklaces, bracelets and earrings will have people smiling and screaming in equal measure.

4Peggy Skemp's Anatomical Lockets

Peggy Skemp specializes in anatomical lockets in the form of brains, hearts, and lungs. You may not be able to put things in the lung locket, and the heart is filled with odd nooks and crannies, but the brain is a great place to store your secrets.

5Anatomology's Silver Anatomies

Ever wish you could wear your heart on your sleeve? Now you can, with Anatomology's silver jewelry. It is designed to look like your of inner anatomy. The company doesn't just stop with the parts you can see, like brains and hearts, but also smaller parts of our whole like neurons and DNA strands.

6OS Accessories' Vertebrae Necklace

The next time someone says you have no spine, you can prove them wrong if you're wearing this cool neck bone necklace. Just don't let it give you a pain in the neck.

7Beth Croce's Uterus Necklace

This uterine necklace by artist Beth Croce is sure to be a conversation starter. Her Etsy is loaded with all types of other anatomical creations in case you prefer sharing your love for livers or bones a little more than the uterus.

8Jessica Marie's Teeth-Filled Vagina Necklace

The lovely labia is made a little less enticing with the razor sharp snaggleteeth shooting out of it. And don't be surprised if a few people end up having nightmares about your necklace.

9Margaux Lange's Barbie Parts

This artist specializes in making jewelry from dismantled Barbies. From eyes to hands, America's favorite doll has been utilized in these delightfully funky and unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

10Luna Parc's Enema Pin

Who doesn't love a good enema? Share your favorite dirty little hobby with the public by wearing this enema pin created by Luna Parc. Just don't be surprised when people start giving you strange looks when they see you wearing it.

112KoolJewels' Heart and Ribcage

A body needs a heart, but a heart needs a ribcage to protect it. Now you can put your heart on display while still keeping it safe with this cool necklace.

12The House of Mad Lucy's Creepy Hair Accessories

With both sculpted teeth and bloody doll arms, The House of Mad Lucy makes some delightfully dark accessories including barrettes, headbands, fascinators and more.

13Nora Kogan's Eye and Lip Accessories

Kiss up to your boss without saying a word by buying her a cool cuff with lips or tell someone you're keeping an eye on them with a charming and creepy eyeball ring.