10 Bizarre Things Eaten By Man’s Best Friend

1The shish-ka-dog that went all in to eat bacon wrapped steak

A 4-year-old mutt named Sadie decided the a skewer full of bacon wrapped steak was worth the risk and she consumed the entire thing, including the skewer.

After she had started vomiting, her frantic owners took the furry, wannabe circus freak to the vet where they were able to surgically remove the skewer. Sadie is doing fine now and has proven—once and for all—she cannot be trusted around bacon.

2The Lab pup that ate a bee hive and won an award

There's a lot of "buzz" around a silly pup named Ellie, who is a one-year-old Labrador with the appetite of a dumpster.

The dog's owners had hired exterminators to come clean out a potentially dangerous beehive. When they were done, they left behind pesticide and the dead bee infested hive and Ellie decided to it scarf down. The pooch has since recovered and was also a finalist for the "Hambone Award," which is given to the "Most Unusual (Insurance) Claim of the Year."

3The Great Dane that might be the reincarnation of a household dryer

A dog in Portland, Oregon has taken to stealing the family socks, but instead of hiding them under the bed or outside in a hole this mutt eats them.

After noticing their best friend was in real pain, the owners of the cotton thief took him to the vet. X-rays showed a mass of foreign material, and a surgeon extracted 43 and a half socks from inside his belly. He has since happily recovered from his odd snacking.

4The dog the downed five rubber ducks

A dog named Woof lived up to his name during bathtime after his owner witnessed him trot into the bathroom during her son's bath, fish around in the water, and gobble up a rubber duck.

It wasn't the first one either. After X-rays and surgery, some light was shed on all the missing rubber duckies that his human mom had to replace. Woof got away with consuming five little quackers, and a couple random toy parts.

5The dog that swallowed a Wii remote

Due to a love of all things battery operated, a Colorado dog got the massage of his life. After vomiting blood and bits of the TV remote he swallowed, his owners brought him to the vet. The doctor massaged the canine's belly, and he safely passed a TV and Wii handheld remote control.

6The dog that attempted to pacify himself with 19 pacifiers

Another "Hambone Award" hopeful is a very brave, and seemingly obsessive compulsive dog named Bolt.

After watching their boxer throw up a pacifier that they knew had gone missing, the DeNapoli family started to notice more and more were vanishing.

Soon, the dog was not acting like himself, and his owners took him to the vet. When an endoscopy revealed the truth, he was put through surgery where they found not one, but 19 pacifiers stuffed into his poor belly.

Bolt has since recovered from the ordeal, and the family has most likely been weened off its binkie buying ways.

7The dog that ate 8 pairs of underwear, 62 hair bands and 4 rubber bands

A lifelong history of eating all things not food related found this black Pennsylvania Lab in some very serious trouble.

After his owners had noticed the telltale signs of a sick dog, he was put into surgery. Much to his family and veterinarian's surprise, eight pairs underwear, four rubber bands and 62 hairbands were pulled from his belly.

Tiki the Lab has recovered completely, but there's been no word on whether or not his palate has changed.

8The Corgi that filled up on two cups of pea gravel

A cute, 12-year-old, male Welsh Corgi couldn't resist the drippings from a BBQ mixed with turtle tank pea gravel after his owners did some spring cleaning.

They first cleaned the turtle tank of its pea gravel, then scrubbed the grill and dumped the BBQ drippings over it.

The corgi then did himself no favors. He ate up all the tasty mess and filled himself to the brim, with rocks. He survived surgery and was later released.

9The dog that ate 12 bras for full-figured ladies

A poor Rottweiler named Molly had a taste for the undergarments of large breasted women. Her taste for bras was not discovered until she was unable to eat dog food and started losing weight.

She was found to have consumed 12 bras! The couple that owned Molly were unable to afford her medical care and have since given up their rights as dog owners. She is doing fine now and hopefully in the arms of a loving, male companion.

10The 6-month-old Saint Bernard puppy who ate a 13" serrated knife

A Florida resident and multiple dog owner named Jane had just carved a turkey with a serrated kitchen knife. Somehow, someway, that blade made into the mouth of her 6-month-old puppy, Elsie.

Four days later, the puppy in peril had the blade surgically removed and is in tip top shape. Jane said she wanted to frame it for the vet's office to remind everyone what a puppy was capable of eating.