Another 12 of the Coolest Toilet Signs

This sign belongs to McGuires Irish Pub in Pensacola. They got in big trouble for this a long time ago, so there is a curtain behind the men's room door, whichever one it is.

Another confusing toilet sign at the Dark Horse Saloon in Boulder, Colorado.

A legit bathroom sign.

Found at @codehostel, a geek hostel in Edinburgh.

Many women may chose the wrong door.

This establishment is hoping for a Close Encounter of the Third kind.

A classic.

Beer Vs Martini sign by Liquid Agency.

NC16 Toilet sign.

A gender neutral restroom, or as one commenter said, a "bothroom."

Farts and makeup... these signs pretty much sums up what men and women do inside.

Toilet signs at a bowling alley.