11 Best Parking Revenge Stories

Parking in the handicapped space is a no-no everywhere. This video from Maringa, Brazil, shows the fierce public shaming of a driver who illegally used a handicapped spot.

This elaborate prank shows hundreds of people lined up on both sides of the street to jeer and laugh at a driver who returned to his car and found it covered with thousands of blue stickers. The white wheelchair sign is also adorned the side and back.

The perpetrator appeared to be more angered than embarrased, and tried to quickly remove enough stickers from the windshield and windows so he could make a quick getaway. He almost got into an accident as he peeled into traffic without first peeling off the stickers on his turn light.

Some people have very nice cars. Some of those people park like jerks to keep the rest of the world from parking too close. Kyle DeMattia, 20, of Clifton, encountered such a person at a local Red Robin.

DeMattia had been on an offroading trip and said he had been stuck in traffic for two hours before arriving at the restaurant. There, he found a brand-new Corvette stretched like a lounge singer on a piano across two parking spaces right by the door.

By most people's math, two parking spaces should fit two cars. So, DeMattia pulled his mud-covered Jeep in next to the Corvette, perfectly parallel, albeit on the sidewalk, and had his meal.

DeMattia happened to get a window seat from which he could see Corvette driver's reaction. He took a video. The driver was not thrilled, not even by the "Zombie Outbreak Response Team" stickers on DeMattia's Jeep.

At the most dangerous point during what became an eight-alarm fire in East Boston in April 2014, Boston firefighters scrambling to get water to their colleagues ran into a barrier — someone had parked a BMW coupe in front of the hydrant near the blaze.

The firefighters took action. They ran 4-inch hose from the hydrant through the driver's side window, through the passenger's side window, and out to an engine waiting to pump water to the men directly engaged in quelling the powerful fire threatening the neighborhood.

Firefighters soon noticed that the way the hose was snaked through the car created a major kink, slowing down the volume of water flowing to fight the fire. A small platoon of men circled the two-door, lifted it slightly and moved it about a foot away from where the driver had originally parked it.

“It's similar to those who park in a handicapped spot,'' a fire official later said. “It's just something you don't do.''

Now he can't say he didn't see the line.

Next time, he/she will think twice about parking in a motorcycle spot.

One shop came up with a very creative way to punish rule breakers. A car left in the parking lot after business hours was surrounded by an interlocked chain of shopping carts!

Just because your car is small, doesn't mean you can park just anywhere.

This is how they get revenge for illegal parking in Russia.

This guy thought of a radical way to fight unauthorized parking on his property.

Got it?

In Lisbon, Portugal, wheelchair users found a unique and poignant way to protest improper use for disabled parking spaces. Weekenders out for a day in the park were surprised with no available parking; instead, every space was filled with a single wheelchair.

Each chair was accompanied with a message, like “I'm just getting coffee” and ‘It'll only take a minute,” and all the other verbiage used as justification for improperly parking in a parking space designated for the handicapped. Some chairs even came with owners, who were ready and willing to offer up one of these excuses!