10 Hilarious RSVP Cards

1Worst guests ever

Bob Powers posted this modern version of the wedding RSVP card at Someecards. It contains some of the most common obnoxious behavior among wedding guests, and it should have a second page for warnings of any disasters not specified on the first page.

2Lame Excuses

Katie Kerr and Chris Sabino may have a large wedding, or a lot of friends and family heading to Yemen on short notice. If you do attend, remember to drink at least the value of your wedding gift.

3Wedding Bells

4Destination Wedding

Perfect for a destination wedding.

5Damn It!

6So many options

Liz & Dave's RSVP card.

7Interactive RSVP

One way to inexpensively shake up the RSVP routine is to add your personality with the responses guests have to choose from.

8Photo Booth

Julia and Jonathan's photo booth RSVP.

9Can we get a witness?

10Honest RSVPs

If RSVP cards were truly honest.