15 Delightfully Geeky Wreaths

1Doctor Who

Holding your breath for the new Doctor Who Christmas special? Then share your love of the Mad Man in a Box with this perfectly blue TARDIS wreath from Etsy seller GeekWithAGlueGun.

2Iron Man

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more MARVELous wreath than this cool Iron Man design, complete with a light-up arc reactor created by Etsy's GeekWithAGlueGun.


Of course, if you prefer your heroes to be able to do whatever a spider can, this charmingly subtle wreath by Etsy user MyKreations4Umight be just up your alley.

4Haunted Mansion

Disney has legions of fans, but few are die-hard and distinct as those obsessed with the Haunted Mansion. This wreath by Etsy seller shopclasha lets you bring a little of that ghostly magic home for the holidays.

5Haunted Mansion Holiday

If you're looking for something that better reflects the Haunted Mansion's Holiday look when it is merged with the Nightmare Before Christmas, then you'll want to make your own man-eating wreath. Learn how to make your own with this tutorial by DIY NBC Props.

6Jason Voorhees

Are you dreaming of a blood red Christmas? If so, you'll want to get your hands on SuperVixenBadGirl's creepy Friday the 13th wreath that comes complete with your own mini-murderer.


What's red, green and putrid all over? A zombie Christmas wreath and this gory tribute by Etsy seller CreepyStuff will look great on the front door of any fan of the living dead.

8Cables and Cords

Those working in the IT department as well as those who have way too many gaming and music peripherals on their entertainment system are bound to have way too many unused cords as a result. Rather than just stashing them away in a box until you need them though, why not try wrapping them with lights and making a wreath like Michael did here.

9Computer Parts

Alternatively, if you have a lot of spare computer parts lying around, they too can be used to decorate a wreath, like Redditor avatarr's friend did here.

108 Bit Wreath

Are you dreaming of an old-school gaming Christmas? Then you'll love the pixeled goodness of this great 8-bit wreath sold on Think Geek.

11Legend of Zelda

If you're a Zelda fan who still wants the look of realistic pine in your wreath though, then you'll want to head over to Etsy, where you can find this wreath from RatedEForEveryone.

12South Park

Not everyone will be happy to see poop and foul-mouthed children on their door, but if your Christmas needs to involve a Mr. Hanky sing-a-long, then this wreath by SuperVixenBadGirl is for you.

13Star Wars

Come to the Dark Side, we have Christmas... and this Star Wars holiday special looks great thanks to Etsy seller SuperVixenBadGirl.

14Harry Potter

Not everyone can spend Christmas at Hogwarts, but you can happily dream about a magical Christmas with this cute Harry Potter wreath by Etsy seller WhenOrdinaryEndz.

15Ultra Geek

Some nerds just love Star Wars. Others are obsessed with old-school video games. Some just can't get enough Doctor Who. For those with a multi-faceted love of all things geek though, this delightful paper wreath by Our Nerd Home shows how to combine all of your passions into one very unique Christmas decoration.