10 Strangest Licks

A few weeks ago, we compiled a list of unusual kisses. Ah, but with every great blockbuster comes a sequel – where does one go from kisses? How about licks? Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Oddee's 10 Strangest Licks!

We promise this list was not done with "a lick and a promise" as the old saying goes! Enjoy!

1The eyeball licking trend that left a woman in agony

Apparently, eyeball licking is a rather new craze amongst the younger generation. According to the media, this optic tongue-touching trend is especially popular in Japan. Also called “oculolinctus,” this fetish can be downright dangerous.

Even after Tokyo based journalist/translator Mark Schreiber investigated the original reports of the fetish that stemmed from a Japanese tabloid site and deemed the fad a hoax, that still didn't stop reports of eyeball licking from flooding into the news – and all it takes is the media to jump on a fad and, voila, you have people all over trying the latest craze.

Take Nina Bonilla and her boyfriend, Romildo Chavez, who both hail from Mexico City. After reading about eyeball licking, the duo decided to try it themselves, but with a twist. Chavez decided to eat one of the world's hottest chili peppers, the New Mexico Scorpion, before licking his ladies eye. Not a good idea. The pepper, rated a staggering 1,191,595 Scoville Heat Units, sent Ms. Bonilla to the emergency room.

Kids, don't try this at home. Bacteria in the mouth can infect the eyes and spread viruses like conjunctivitis and herpes, which can even lead to blindness.

2The nun who cured the sick by licking them

When we think of Christian saints, the first names that often come to us are fabled legends like St. Paul, St. Patrick, Joan of Arc, or even the newly canonized Pope John Paul II, but there was a Renaissance-era Italian nun who has every right to be mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned group. Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi (1566-1607) was a nun who healed others by licking their wounds.

According to the writings of Puccini's Vida, Maddelena had an intense desire to care for the ill. She would often visit infirmaries to help the diseased and indisposed.

It is written that in 1589, a nun named Barbara Bassi was suffering from a contagious, flesh-eating disease when Maddelena came to visit her. Maddelena licked Bassi on her hands and arms and wherever else the disease afflicted her the most. A few days later, Bassi was completely healed, and she became Maddelena's first miracle.

A few years later, in 1591, Maddelena visited another ailing person who was said to be a leper. According to Puccini, the nun "removed the veils from her head. With her own tongue she licked the woman's ears, and her head, and wherever the disease was greatest, with such great charity." Shortly thereafter, the woman was cured of her leprosy.

Maddelena healed the sick over the next few years, but died at the young age of 41. The nun – also known as Saint Mary Magdalene of Pazzi – was canonized in 1669, 62 years after her death.

3The woman who was addicted to licking her cat

If you have ever seen the TLC show My Strange Addiction, you know it features stories about people with some truly jaw-dropping and bizarre compulsions.

One of the weirdest (yeah, we know that's all relative) is the story of a woman who is addicted to licking her cat. The 43-year-old woman, known as “Lisa,” not only has a cat licking fetish (insert naughty joke here), but she also eats her pet's hair in order to “feel closer” to the animal.

Lisa says she finds eating cat hair to be “relaxing” and likens the texture to be “soft and puffy… like cotton candy.” She has struggled with her addiction for approximately 15 years and can't go more than two hours at a time without licking or eating her feline's hair. Lisa must have one hell of a fur ball in the making to cough up one day!

Researchers have found that eating hair is related to the obsessive compulsive disorder of pulling hair.

4The dogs who licked toads to get high

Have you ever wondered if animals ever feel the same urge to get high like their human counterparts? Well, wonder no more, my friends!

Apparently, dogs in the Australian state of Queensland, have discovered the age-old human way of licking a toad to get high. It was reported by the press that dogs have been licking the poison off of cane toads in the northern region of the state to get their hallucinogenic fix.

There have been reports of these doped up dogs even coming back for seconds, as they learn how to lick just the right amount of toad secretion to get their fix.

Pavlov, where are you when we need you?

5The Lady Gaga fan that went too far

Some people don't know how to keep their tongues to themselves! One fan was so happy to see his idol Lady Gaga live in concert, he put his money where his mouth was and licked the “Poker Face” singer.

The whole incident went down at Lollapalooza 2010. Gaga made a cameo appearance during Semi Precious Weapon's set. After playing drums and singing background vocals with the band, the pop star – wearing nothing but glitter pasties on her breasts and fishnet stockings – proceeded to make out with the band's singer, Justin Trantner and stage dove into the thrilled audience.

On fan couldn't believe his luck of being in the right place at the right time. As the pop princess was crowd surfing, he couldn't contain his excitement any longer and licked her body. Thanks to modern technology, the event is viewable in cyberspace. Talk about a “Bad Romance”!

6The criminal that licked an object DURING the crime

I guess some burglars like to make themselves at home on the job. On the night of August 15, 2012, Russell E. Neff, 22, broke into a Salisbury, Maryland residence.

Okay, what's the big deal, you ask? Things like this happen every day, right? Well….

After banging on the door while the home's resident ran upstairs to call 911, Neff eventually made it inside. He then decided to take a load off by stripping down to his underwear, baking a chicken pot pie and – get this – licking a remote control.

The pot pie-eating, underwear-clad bad guy was later charged with first-degree burglary, theft of less than $100, malicious destruction of property and resisting arrest.

7The man who licked over 40 cathedrals

In June 2011, English heritage worker Lawrence Edmonds made a rather cheeky (or “tongue-in-cheek”) bet with his roommate, Adam Drury. Edmonds vowed to lick every Angelican cathedral in the U.K. before December 16, 2012. If he failed to do so, Mr. Edmonds must run naked around the York Minster. If he succeeded, Drury must do the dreary deed.

As carefully noted in his blog, Edmonds licked 42 cathedrals in England with another 20 in other parts of the U.K. He described the taste of the cathedrals in the type of detail normally reserved for culinary programs. A variety of tastes ranged from the “quite tasty” Lichfield Cathedral to the “foul, sickly sweet” taste of the Wakefield Cathedral.

After traveling “thousands of miles” and spending “stupid amounts of money,” Edmonds licked every cathedral in England by June 15, 2001. He completed his mission by licking his last cathedral in the U.K., located in Saint Asaph in Wales, and thereby won the bet.

8The woman who died from a dog's lick

In August 2014, animal-loving grandmother Sheena Kavanagh died from a lick from her dog.

The 53-year-old had two Yorkshire terriers, a long-haired Jack Russell terrier and six horses. She was in contact with animals often, but it was discovered that Kavanagh died from an organism, capnocytophaga canimorsu, found in her bloodstream that originated from her dog's saliva.

The organism has a very low ability to cause disease in a healthy individual, but Ms. Kavanagh had her spleen removed in 1998. The spleen is the organ which prevents bacterial infection.

Kavanagh went into septic shock when her dog's saliva entered her bloodstream through a small cut on her hand. She was rushed to the hospital and prescribed antibiotics. Her condition quickly deteriorated, however, and her organs shut down. She died the following night.

9The Japanese supernatural being whose power is licking

Japan has a rich history of tales of beings with super powers – Ultraman, the Power Rangers (Super Sentai), Astro Boy and Kamen Rider to name just a few, but for our money, the Akaname is just as cool as those guys.

This demon from Japanese folklore is a red creature that is said to come out at night to lick the grime and dirt that accumulates in bathrooms. It dates back to the 18th century can be seen in Toriyama Sekien's 1776 work, Gazu Hyakki Yak?. Someone should introduce this guy to Mr. Clean – we think they would get on famously!

10The James Bond item you can lick

You would be hard pressed to find a more bizarre movie tie-in product than this next promotional piece.

Would anybody like to lick Daniel Craig as James Bond from the film Casino Royale? How about the next best thing: a Daniel Craig Ice Lolly (that's a popsicle for you Yanks)?

In 2009, Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies polled over 1,000 women in Britain and asked who they would like to most lick at the end of a stick. Daniel Craig as 007 won the poll beating out the likes of David Beckham, Hugh Grant and Jude Law.

The low calorie snack of the bare-chested spy with six pack abs made its debut during the first National Ice Cream Week in June of that year.

Licensed to chill, indeed!