12 Funny Restaurant Names

From Thai Tanic to Bread Zeppelin, these pun-tastic restaurant names will leave you hungry for more laughs.

1Thai Tanic

The kind of food that will sink down into the depths of your stomach!

2Frying Nemo

Disney actually contacted the owner of a similar restaurant in Australia to change the name.

3Wok This Way

Aerosmith told this Chinese Restaurant to "wok-this-way, talk this way, well just gimme a kiss!"

4Bread Zeppelin

Your doughy stairway to heaven.

5Lord of the Fries

All Hail Lord Fry!

6Juan in a Million

Apparently an iconic Austin, Texas Mexican restaurant.

7The Codfather

The Codfather will make you an offer you can't refuse.

8Pita Pan

The restaurant that never grew up.

9Fat Ass

Who knew Kim Kardashian had a restaurant in Berlin?

10What The Pho

"Pho" is a Vietnamese noodle soup. (The puns never grow old.)

11Thai Me Up

A BDSM restaurant? Nah, just Thai food.

12Obama Fried Chicken

The "Michelle Obama wig" is the most popular item on the menu. However, this Brooklyn restaurant has received a lot of pressure to change its name.