8 Most Embarrassing Things To Ever Being Caught Doing

1Stealing Erection Cream, Handcuffs, Deep Throat Spray

It's probably embarrassing enough to go into a store to buy sex-related items, but to be caught shoplifting them, and having your picture splashed across the news is decidedly worse. That's what happened to 18-year-old Karla Farmer of South Carolina when she was nabbed for stealing Rock Hard erection cream, Deep Throat desensitizing spray, handcuffs, and a few pairs of panties from a mall. She was booked on a misdemeanor and later released. No word on what she did next…

2Having Sex With Sandwich Shop Window

Does this make you horny or hungry?

It's OK to love sandwiches, but you might not want to show everyone exactly HOW MUCH. Lydell Coleman of Seattle approached a Sub Shop at a local mall after it was closed. After he was turned away, two female employees watched as he exposed himself and pressed his bare genitals against the window in a “humping” motion. He was charged with a felony and tossed in the slammer.

3Masturbating in the Meat Aisle

Yes, we know it's called the “meat” aisle, but…

Eugenio Freitas went to a Sainsbury simply to go shopping. However, according to his statement to a judge, he became overwhelmed by his uncontrollable sex drive. A CCTV camera caught Mr. Freitas beating his meat in the meat aisle for 10 minutes before the police arrested him. He has since been banned by all supermarket chains in the UK unless accompanied by an adult.

4Losing Control of a FedEx Truck

FedEx and its drivers pride themselves on prompt delivery of parcels. However, this security camera caught a driver who was in perhaps too much of a hurry – he forgot to set his parking brake. Oops… and CRASH! (Driver was fine, truck and fence not so much.)

5Logging Into Facebook Account On Victim's Computer

What's on your mind?

Here's a burglar who was caught doing something embarrassingly stupid. Nicholas Wig broke into a house in St. Paul, Minnesota. Instead of taking the money and running, he decided to use the homeowner's computer to log on to his Facebook account and didn't bother logging off; he also left behind a pair of rain-soaked jeans and tennis shoes. When owner James Wood came home, he noticed Wig's profile was open and posted a message to his friends about the robbery. Wig agreed to return the stuff he stole in exchange for the items of clothing and was arrested upon arrival. Dumb-da-DUMB-dumb!

6Crashing Motorcycle With Mistress On Back

Arkansas Razorbacks' coach Bobby Petrino had a motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized with broken ribs and a neck injury, but the really embarrassing part came out when the police report revealed that he had 25-year-old Jessica Dorell on the back of the bike; Petrino had initially said he was riding alone. He announced his affair just minutes before the report was released to the public and was eventually fired for the indiscretion (Dorell was uninjured in the accident).

7Having Sex Outdoors By Dash Cam

Russian dash cams catch a lot of amazing things, but rarely are they this embarrassing or rather should we say "em-Bare-ASS-ing"… WATCH!

8Adjusting Skirt On Live TV

Bloomberg News reporter Sara Eisen had an embarrassing moment caught live on camera. Ms. Eisen had her skirt up and was busy fumbling with a long, black object that was between her thighs. Being the professional she is, she quickly composed herself and carried on with the news. (P.S. it was a wireless microphone unit!)