11 Babies Who Look Like Celebrities

1Elvis Look-alike Baby

Has the King been reincarnated? London-born George Georgious was born with large mop of black hair that formed into wave, making him look like a tiny Elvis Presley. Despite any attempts to brush it flat, this little rock and roller has a permanent quiff with natural "sideburns" flat to his face. According to his mother Maria, she's regularly stopped in the street by admirers who compare him to the King.

2John Legend Look-alike Baby

"My nephew looks like John Legend lol" twitted user @_rahellla said, and the vast Internet soon caught on, including Legend's supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen who tweeted: "Oh my god please stop I have seen the baby that looks like john I HAVE SEEN IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." John Legend then shared his own baby picture on Instagram for comparison sake.

3Jay-Z Look-alike Baby

"My friend's son looks like Jay-Z" said the caption along with the adorable photo posted on Tumblr in August 2014. She's so right, the internet quickly colapsed.

4Tiger Woods Look-alike Baby

The even crazier part of the previous picture is that the other kid in the same photo looks exactly like a young Tiger Woods.

5Mrs. Doubtfire Look-alike Baby

Remember Mrs. Doubtfire? A Imgur user posted this photo saying his friend's baby pictures looks like Robin Williams' famous character.

6Putin Look-alike Baby

Redditor Prizman noticed his baby looks like a thoughtful Vladimir Putin.

7Gandalf Look-alike Baby

How much does this baby look like Ian McKellen? He's a dead ringer!

8Wallace Shawn Look-alike Baby

"Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!"

9Chris Farley Look-alike Baby

Is this SNL star Chris Farley's reincarnation?

10Bill Maher Look-alike Baby

It's Real Time with Bill Maher!

11Kevin (from The Office) Look-alike Baby

Looks like Kevin took a time off from The Office to be born again.