20 Creeptastic Horror Movie Tattoos

1Horror Throughout The Ages Sleeve

With scenes from The Exorcist, Psycho, Frankenstein, The Shining, Salem's Lot, and Van Helsing, this sleeve by David E. Martin spans the scope of horror throughout the ages.

2The Exorcist

This cool piece by Craig Holmes perfectly recreates both the most terrifying and iconic scene of The Exorcist and its mysteriously intriguing poster.


This wonderful Re-Animator tattoo seems like it's about to come to life thanks to the unbelievable skills of Jackie Rabbit.


Babysitters everywhere will cringe at this masterpiece tribute to everyone's favorite sanatorium escapee created by artist Peter Tikos.

5Dead Snow

One of the newer cult classics, Dead Snow has attracted some seriously dedicated fans, like this man who had his entire side covered in art from the film thanks to 2Face Tattoo.

6Classic Horror Tribute Tattoo

With artwork from Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, Dracula, Swamp Thing, The Phantom of the Opera and more, you can be sure this guy prefers his horror in black and white. Chrisx Bren did a magnificent job bringing these classic characters to life.

7Friday the 13th

Any Friday the 13th fan knows that Jason's mom was the original cause of the horrors that took place at Crystal Lake. This great tattoo by Ashley Eubanks sums the whole story up in just two words.

8Evil Dead 2

Mez Love created an amazing tribute to one of the best comedic horror films of all time by drawing this incredible copy of the film's cover art.

9Child's Play

The doll that ruined so many childhoods comes to life in this great tattoo by Zvaki of Anubis Tattoo.


This scary monster caused more clown phobias than any other clown in history and artist Mez Love made him look fittingly nightmare-inducing in this terrifying tattoo.

11Scary Story Sleeve

This cool tattoo by Crudele Gianfranco creates an epically spooky story all flowing from the pages of one of the Crypt Keeper's terrifying tomes.


This chilling tribute to everyone's favorite Cenobite was done by artist Ryan Burke.


This creepy Nosferatu tattoo is even more impressive when you realize it's a cover up. Appropriately, Kaz had this tattoo by Adi Earl done on a Friday the 13th.

14Devils Rejects

Captain Spaulding looks delightfully maniacal in this wonderful work by Steve Vaughn.

15Tales From the Crypt

There was a time when almost all of the best programming on HBO was introduced by a leathery puppet. This piece by Tattoo Nouveau is a fitting tribute to that time long past.

16Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This terrifying piece by artist Crudele Gianfranco masterfully captures the fleshy face mask of the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface.

17Creepy Chestpiece

Incredibly, this chilling chestpiece by Albert T. Colon is a coverup of another tattoo.


Classic horror fans are sure to enjoy this fantastic Frankenstein tattoo by artist David E Martin.

19Nightmare on Elm Street

Everyone's favorite nightmare is in the flesh thanks to this cool tattoo by Zvaki of Anubis Tattoo.

20The Mummy

Malibu Budd managed to make this classic Mummy tattoo look like it's ready to crawl right out of the flesh it is inked on.