15 Most Inappropriate Selfies

A selfie during a fire? Really? Check out these very inappropriate selfies taken with absolutely no sensibility.

1The Auschwitz Selfie (with Emoji)

In July 2014, high-schooler Breana Mitchell posted a smiling selfie she took at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

Talk about inappropriate selfies! Needless to say, the image has gone viral and reaction has been strong and swift. (Brenna has received death threats.)

She has since tried to defend herself by explaining that she had been meaning to take the trip with her late father and said, "That trip actually meant something to me and I was happy about it."

2The Wisconsin National Guard ham it up with coffin

While the coffin was empty, the Wisconsin National Guard caught flack for this questionable selfie. Its caption, "We put the FUN in funeral — your fearless honor guard from various states…”

3Duckface at the Berlin Wall

Just what the symbolic boundary between democracy and Communism during the Cold War needed – more duckface.

4Chilling In Chernobyl

Indulging in an atomic photobomb.

5Thumbs up to a natural disaster

While most tornados have speeds of less than 110 miles per hour, extreme twisters can reach speeds up to 300 miles per hour. Not even the "Fastest Thumb In The West" could outrun that. Let's hope he didn't have to.

6One smokin' selfie

Obviously not his house.

7The speeding ticket selfie

As we all know, police officers generally don't like their photos taken while on the job. Do you think he got off with just a warning, or worse?

8Not helping the homeless


9A member of the mile high selfie club

In the event of a cabin depressurizing to the point oxygen masks are deployed, the very last thing on my mind would be, "they are gonna love this on Instagram!"

10Man says "cheese" during Carlsbad wildfires

Like a tornado (see #5), the speed at which a wildfire can destroy everything is also pretty quick. In other words, get the hell out of there!

11The accident selfie

Give yourself time to heal and put the phone down.

12The suicide selfie on an LA freeway

Check out this happy-go-lucky group posing in front of an overpass on I-105 in Los Angeles with a suicidal man in the background.

13The grandma's funeral selfie

Is that grandma's coffin in the background?

14The car accident selfie

Really nice of you, dude.

15The bathroom selfie

Was it really necessary to take your pants all the way down?