10 Most Extreme Oral Piercings And Body Mods

1Lip Window

The labret is a fairly common piercing, one which is beneath your lower lip and is often seen as a stud or spike. It's so common, you probably know someone who has one.

Check out what happens when someone stretches their labret piercing as they would their ears and after it gets big enough, they stick a pyrux plug in it. You get a lip window.

2Gum Piercing

A Gum (or trans-gum) piercing is skewered between the roots of the front teeth with a labret stud. This piercing is so extreme, even the guys at BME (famous for featuring the craziest body modifications ever) don't recommend it.

3Vampire Piercing

The vampire is a piercing of the upper frenula, the tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums. Whether your teeth are pointed or not, this piercing is admittedly a little creepy, but still fascinating and somewhat visually appealing. Care must be taken however, to avoid captive pieces from wearing down the gums in the pierced area of the mouth.

4XL Tongue Piercing

Take a look at Michael‘s incredible 30 mm. tongue piercing. This is just massive, to say nothing of the 11.5 mm. philtrum and 22 mm. oval labret.

5Lip Sewing

Lip sewing is rooted in body modification culture, and is considered to be a ritualistic modification, with symbolism connected to the idea of closing the lips by play piercing.

Lip sewing may be done for aesthetic reasons, or to aid meditation by helping the mind to focus by removing the temptation to speak.

6Oral-Nasal Piercing

Hobosteve has odd piercings to match his odd tattoos with this highly unusual “oral-nasal” piercing that goes from inside his nose to under his lip, like a “highbret” or something. It was done by Steve at Somatic in Long Beach.

7Uvula Piercing

A uvula piercing is a body piercing through the uvula, the projection of the soft palate between the tonsils. Captive bead rings or other small rings are the most commonly seen jewellery in uvula piercings.

8Smiley Piercing

A lip frenulum piercing is a body piercing through either the upper (known as a smiley or scrumper piercing) or lower (known as a frowny) lip frenula. These piercings are relatively simple and heal quickly, although they do have a high tendency to reject over time.

9Massive Tongue Piercing

Heather Simone has thirteen tongue piercings. Initially her plan was to get six of them in a cross shape, but by the time she hit that goal she was totally addicted and now the design motif is something closer to “where will they fit?”

The piercings are all done in 14ga, and as she's gotten more she's had to start putting smaller beads on the bottom to keep it all comfortable.

10Tattooed and Pierced Tongue

A combination of tongue piercings and tattoos.