12 Geekiest Nail Designs

1Eye of Sauron

This Lord of the Rings monster is always watching, no matter what you're doing. Better not steal the One Ring or he'll never come off again, no matter what Chalkboard Nails tries to do next.

2Alice In Wonderland

Who wouldn't want to have a mad tea party with these great nails by DeviantArt uer Kayleighoc?


Now these nails, by DeviantArt uer Kayleighoc are seriously geeky, complete with the Goblin King, his crystal ball and more.

4The Silence

It's important to count how many times you've seen these nails by DeviantArt uer Kayleighoc or you might just forget that you saw them at all.

5Doctor Christmas

In a tribute to “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe,” DeviantArt user jeealee made these great Christmas-y Doctor Who nails.


Bright colors and tiny studs make for a great set of Tetris nails, as The Nailasaurus figured out.

7The Big Bang Theory

Kelsie simply loves The Big Bang Theory, so when she participated in the Geek Nail Challenge, it was a natural choice for subject matter.

8Death Note

Anime nails are a bit of a specialty, which is precisely why these Death Note nails by Polish Art Addiction are so fantastic, not to mention the amazing detail.


They might not actually stack up together, but these LEGO nails by The Daily Nail are simply delightful for any fan of the classic toy.

10Social Media

What's your favorite social network? Would it make it easier if you could pull up the site just by clicking on your nails? Well, that's not going to happen, but it doesn't make these social media nails by The Nailasaurus any less special.


Janet Riffe does some great nail art, but for geeks, it's hard to beat these great Scrabble nails.

12The Hunger Games

The odds are bound to be in your favor when you wear nails like these by DeviantArt user LifeABlaze.