10 Coolest Pieces of Wine Gear

Purloining a nip of your precious plonk? Well worry no longer, because with this Wine Lock ($ 24.99) the bottle's contents are kept safe just for you. Gone are the days when you had to use a magic marker pen to calculate how much of the wine had gone missing, or stick a "Hands Off" post-it to the bottle neck, because today you can use this elegantly designed and completely secure device.

Simply pop the padlock style, four digit Wine Lock into the neck of the bottle, scramble the combination, and your wine is as safe as the crown jewels. But make sure you remember your code because if you don't then the only way to open the bottle is to smash it, and that's a scenario in which nobody wins.

Are you looking for a quick way to dress down your favorite expensive bottle of wine? You need these Vinderalls ($11.95). This great cover looks like a pair of comfy overalls. It is perfect for making your favorite drink look a little less pretentious.

Planning a group or family get together? Make sure you have all the elements you need for a successful function with the Periodic Table Glass Platter ($ 13.95). This deliciously fun plate lists cheeses, wines, and foodie vocabulary.

Often referred to as “God's Kitchen,” the island of Sicily has a longstanding reputation for its divine wines and cuisine. In the spirit of Sicilian generosity and warmth, this antique-inspired wall plaque ($29.25) is certain to add an individualized touch to any kitchen wall decor or wine cellar, as it lets you display your used wine corks in a way that's both special and truly a work of “wine cork art!” Easily add or exchange wine corks as you finish any bottle by simply placing them into the notched border.

Keep your party classy and your drinks distinguished with this set of silicone drink markers ($4.96). Simply apply one to your glass. Your drink will be well groomed and properly spoken for all night.

The glass is always full with this wine bottle that has a glass fused directly onto the top ($17.95)
. No need to ask for a refill because this glass is always filled to the top.

The 11.5" tall clear wine bottle wine glass holds a full 750 ml., with a sipping stem that allows the wine to slide down your throat smoothly. The phrase "Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!” in script is on the front."

That's right, a wine bottle opener shaped like ... oh you know what! Open wine with the lift of a finger, literally! The Screw You Wine Opener ($9.95) lets you tell the world to screw off while you relax with a glass of wine.

Display your prize plonk with this amazing gravity defying Magic Wine Bottle Holder ($19.95). Put it on a sideboard, have it as a table centerpiece, or simply in the kitchen and the bottle holder will instantly draw attention to your vintage tipple and the magical effect holding it in mid-air.

When your shelf and cupboard space is limited, storing wine bottles can become an issue. Blomus solves the problem with this super stylish and space-efficient wall-mounted wine bottle holder ($66.59). Handsomely and durably constructed of stainless steel in a contemporary brushed finish, the vertical rack features eight lined loops that hold bottles securely by the neck in a sideways fashion. You'll keep corks moist as you impress friends with the gravity-defying look.

We all have friends that can relate to this sign ($21.00).