7 of the Worst Unwanted Tattoos Inked as Revenge

1The inmate who had the name of the girl he killed tatooed on his forehead

An inmate serving a life sentence for molesting and murdering a 10-year-old girl named Katie was apparently forcibly tattooed across the forehead by a fellow prisoner with the words "KATIE'S REVENGE." Anthony Ray Stockelman, 39, was removed from the general prison population for his own safety after authorities discovered the tattoo.

The tattoo was put there by the cousin of Katie Collman, the fourth grader murdered back in January 2005.

2The one night stand who got tattoed all over his body

A man's one night stand carved her name on his body with a Stanley knife while he was asleep. Wayne Robinson's injuries at the hands of Dominique Fisher included her name carved into his upper arm. After meeting in the Syndicate nightclub in Blackpool the pair had a “drink-and-drug fuelled four-day fling.” However, when he woke in the morning he found she had carved "Dominique" on his right shoulder. He also had multiple slashes on his left shoulder and arm and a star design on his back. She claimed that he agreed to the “tattoos” but Mr. Robinson said he had not consented. Wayne was so drunk he had not felt a thing.

3The cheating girlfriend who got a pile of poo on her back

A tattoo artist allegedly tattooed this steaming pile of poo on the back of his cheating girlfriend. According to many sources, Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzjerald "tricked" Rossie Brovent into getting the body art after discovering she had been playing around with his best friend. Rossie, from Dayton, Ohio, is reportedly suing her ex for $100,000 (£60,000), claiming he got her drunk on cheap wine and tequila before she signed the consent form.

She had apparently asked her artist lover for a scene from the Narnia films but her hopes were dashed spectacularly when Fitzjerald started with the ink needle.

Many people claim that this story is a hoax. Some suspicious bloggers also dug deeper to dispel the myth by tracking down court records. It appears that no such civil complaint was ever filed by anyone of the name Brovent, or that such a person even exists in Dayton. But the fact is that no one knows the real original of the image.

4The teen who was attacked and had the word DOG tattooed for sleeping with someone else's girlfriend

A jealous lover who attacked a mentally impaired teenager with a baseball bat during a seven-hour orgy of violence before tattooing "DOG" on his forehead has been jailed for more than 14 years. The 18-year-old victim had a sexual relationship with Jason Tattersall's girlfriend while Tattersall, 35, was in jail.

Three days after being released, Tattersall, of Nowra, NSW, went on an "ice" binge and lured the 18-year-old to a house on February 23 to exact revenge. He broke the teenager's ankle with a baseball bat, then took him outside to let his mates punch and kick him before forcing him on the floor and tattooing "DOG" on his forehead in green ink.

The teen is now blind in his left eye and has undergone extensive surgery to his ankle as a result of the attack. Since then he has grown his fringe long and taken to wearing caps as a way of concealing the tattoo on his forehead.

5The tattoo artist who inked his friend's cheating wife while the husband had her tied

A Singapore court recently sentenced a tattoo artist to over 2 years of jail time. His crime was helping a friend of his tattoo his wife against her will. Her husband suspected her of cheating on him so he was looking for revenge and humiliation. The details of what was tattooed on the woman weren't given but one can only guess. The woman's breasts, stomach and forearms were tattooed while she was bound and gagged with a towel. Her husband sat on the woman's legs to keep her still. After the ordeal, they left her tied up but she was later freed by a friend. She's now getting laser treatments and has some scarring and skin related damage.

The husband was sentenced to a slightly longer term AND 6 strokes with a cane. Now there's some justice for you!

6The man who decided to get a second tattoo in the middle of the night and ended up with this

Earlier in the day, a man got a regular tattoo on his arm. After getting completely wasted, his friends proposed to get him another one and called the tattoo artist again. At around half past midnight, they found their way back to the tattoo shop and they told him they would get him a nice surprise. The next morning he woke up with this.

7The Asian tattoo artist who tattoed profanities every time someone asked for a Japanese symbol

Pitt junior Brandon Smith wanted a tattoo that proclaimed his manliness, so he decided to get the Chinese characters for “strength” and “honor” on his chest. After 20 minutes under the needle of local tattoo artist Andy Sakai, he emerged with the symbol for “small penis” embedded in his flesh.

“I had it for months before I knew what it really meant,” Smith said. “Then I went jogging through the Carnegie Mellon campus and a group of Asian kids started laughing and calling me ‘Shorty.' That's when I knew something was up.”

Sakai, an award-winning tattoo artist, was tired of seeing sacred Japanese words, symbols of his heritage, inked on random white people. So he used their blissful ignorance to make an everlasting statement. Any time a customer came to Sakai's home studio wanting Japanese tattooed on them, he modified it into a profane word or phrase.

It was revealed that seven people unknowingly received explicit tattoos from the disgruntled artist. Kerri Baker, a Carlow College freshman, paid $50 to have the symbols for “beautiful goddess” etched above her belly button, but when she went into Szechuan Express Asian Noodle Shop sporting a bare midriff, the giggling employees explained to her that the tattoo really said, “Insert General Tso's Chicken Here!”

Sakai doesn't feel guilty about using hapless college students as canvases for his graffiti.