20 Scariest Celebrity Close-Ups

Ready to feel better about yourself? Sure, celebrities look amazing on film and in magazines, but how do they look in unaltered, high-resolution photos? The hilarious Tumblr blog Celebrity Close-Up offers a fun and surprisingly scary look at your favorite celebrity's pores and wrinkles. Here are twenty of our favorites!

1Kim Kardashian

Kim should avoid open flames; she might melt.

2Paula Deen

The new face of Diabetes.

3Hugh Laurie


4Kathy Griffin


5Vanessa Hudgens

Might we suggest a good depilatory cream?

6Jennifer Aniston

Jen has had about three nose jobs since this picture was taken. (Allegedly!)

7Julia Roberts

Not-So-Pretty Woman.

8Mel Gibson

He looks like a potato.

9Celine Dion

Her sideburns will go on....

10Uma Thurman

Please tell us that's make-up powder on her nose....

11Britney Spears


12Mick Jagger

Don't do drugs, kids.

13Kelly Ripa

Chiclet teeth?

14Jeff Bridges

I'd still hit it.

15Kristen Chenowith

Bulging forehead veins are so hot.

16Robert Downey, Jr.


17Vanessa Paradis

Don't laugh - she landed Johnny Depp!

18Kenny Rogers

Worst facelift/eye job EVER.

19Goldie Hawn

Is that a glob of mascara on her eyeball?

20Will Ferrell

Rocking the razor burn.