10 Most Amazing Musical Achievements

Guest post by Steve Moramarco.

1Longest Song - 1000 Years

"That $%$^% song is STILL playing???!!"

Prog bands like Dream Theater or Pink Floyd have songs that fill entire albums, and recently, the Alternative darlings, The Flaming Lips, released a 24-hour song. But that is NOTHING compared to this song, which is still being played as you read this. It was composed by former Pogue, Jem Finer, for Tibetan Singing Bowls . This song, currently being played by computer, began on December 31, 1999 and will continue without repetition… until December 31, 2999. And then it will begin again.

Watch 1000 Seconds:

Longplayer Live : 1000 seconds from Longplayer on Vimeo.

2Lowest Note Sung - .393 Hz

At the other end of the scale, the lowest note hit by a human, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is a gutter-scraping .393 Hz. This was achieved by Gospel singer Roger Menees in 2010. But there is some controversy about that number, as the human ear can't hear below 18 Hz. Currently, a recording company is on the hunt for someone to record the lowest SINGABLE note – a low E in the work, De Profundis, by Paul Mealor.

Watch the video:

3Fastest Rapper in the World - 23 Syllables Per Second

Well, a hip, hop, a hibbit-a hip hop, you don't stop rockin… That genre-defining rap from Sugar Hill Gang is now positively lethargic, as new generations of rappers have gotten faster and faster, stuffing syllables in their mouths faster than blunts. The current holder of the Guinness title is a chap by the name of Ricky Brown (aka NoClue) who rapped 14.1 syllables per second. Still, there IS someone faster – Outsider, from South Korea, can spit out 23 SPS. Technically, Guinness only accepts English, but at that speed it's all just gibberish anyway.



4Highest Note Hit By Human - C8

The piano has 88 keys, the highest note playable is a high C, often referred to as C8. For a long time, Maria Carey was credited with the highest note – a G7 during a 2003 rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. However, in 2008, a guy named Adam Lopez took the record by hitting a C8 – off the keyboard – in front of a live audience.

Watch the video:

5Fastest Guitar Player - 600 Beats Per Minute

Forget Eddie or Yngwie, the world's fastest guitarist is a guy from Denver. John “Dr. Hot Licks” Taylor was recently crowned with the title for a performance of “Flight of the Bumblebee” at 600 beats per minute. Think you can catch him with a little practice? Good luck. He beat the previous record at almost twice the speed. Watch him shred:

6Ballsiest Performance - Pussy Riot in Red Square

Sure, the Sex Pistols sang about anarchy on UK TV, and MIA flipped off 100 billion people, but the ballsiest performance actually goes to a female Russian Punk band. Calling themselves Pussy Riot, this group consists of anonymous members and has a strongly anti-Putin stance. In the middle of a freezing cold January in 2012, these eight women jumped atop a monument in Moscow's historic Red Square and got through a full minute of their song, which, roughly translated, means “Putin S**t Himself”. Needless to say, moments later they were carted away by the police. Watch the madness:

7Largest Crowd - 3.5 Million People

"At the Copa, Copacabana..."

What's the biggest party you've ever been to? Multiply that by at least a million. The largest concert/party in the history of mankind took place in 1994 on Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. There were 3.5 million people at this New Year's Eve concert with headliner… Rod Stewart! Yes, they really DID think he was sexy!

8Loudest Band - 136 dB

There's loud, there's LOUD, and then there's L O U D. For decades, the reigning Kings of the Decibel were Man-O-War, who claimed the title from The Who in 1984, and then went on to register 129 dB at a show in 1994. But you know who beat them recently? A bunch of old dudes in makeup; Kiss registered 136 dB at a concert in Canada in 2009.

9Longest Note Held - 20.2 Seconds

The longest note held in a song belongs to Morten Harket, lead singer of the group A-Ha. In the song “Summer Moved On” released in 2000, he holds a note for 20.2 seconds. Nowadays, vocalists can manipulate their voices in all sorts of ways, of course, but this is the real deal.

10Best Selling Single of All Time - 50 Million Copies

No, it's not The Beatles, Elvis, or even Garth Brooks. The holder of this title is positively L7. It's Bing Crosby, with his 1942 hit “White Christmas” which sold over 50 million copies and has never been equalled by anyone since. Geez, I guess people really really like snow…