16 Coolest and Unexpected Camouflages

You know that old joke that people love to tell you when you're wearing camo-”Oh, I didn't see you there, because you were camouflaged!” Well, that joke is about to become a reality, as a North Carolina company has begun creating custom site-specific camo gear. Now no one is safe, because someone may be blending in with the wall, or sofa, or even your front lawn! Better carry around a sharp stick just in case. On the other side, if you hold still too long you may be exposed to things you can't unsee, and therapy is very pricey these days, so please use this new camo fabric with care.

Question: How do you hide a 6 meter (19 feet) high Giraffe...?

Answer: Surprisingly well..!

Camouflage in action: At about 20-30 meters away, it just looks like a beautiful Acacia Thorn Tree with an impressive trunk. (Photo by Martin_Heigan).

Carlsberg doesn't do camouflage, but if we did, it would probably be the best camouflage in the world! Carlsberg beer commercial featuring a beautiful woman lying in a bath tub with shadowy men on the back wall each holding a Carlsberg beer bottle.

Aya Tsukioka, a Japanese experimental fashion designer, has developed a line of completely wacky camouflage for crime worried citizens.

Now you can use Urban Camouflage as a way to hide from work.

When the natural world out-sized our constructed one, when rural was the norm and urban was uncommon, camouflage meant blending in with the greens, browns, oranges and other tones of the environment. These urban camouflage artists from Germany ask, and answer, the question of how to camouflage oneself in a commercial urban space.

Could you get out of a moving violation with this set up?

Camouflage fail: you're doing it wrong, Mr. Elephant.

Celebrity camouflage.

Another photo to prove that cats are the best at camo.

Camouflage Patterns (photo by Fatima2t)

Camouflage green car.