10 Unbelievable Prison Smuggling Stories

1The inmate who had condom stuffed with 30 items crammed up his anus

Florida prison officials found 17 Oxycodone pills, 1 cigarette, 6 matches, 1 flint, 1 empty syringe with an eraser over the needle part, 1 lip balm container, 1 condom, 1 CVS receipt, and a coupon ... in Neil Lansing's, 34, rectum.

2The woman who tried to sneak husband out of jail in suitcase

Police in Chetumal, Mexico say a woman was caught trying to sneak her common-law husband out of a Mexican prison in a suitcase following a conjugal visit. Prison guards checked the bag of 19-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona and found inmate Juan Ramirez Tijerina curled up inside in the fetal position.

Her husband is currently serving a 20-year sentence for illegal weapons possession.

3The obese inmate who tried to smuggled gun under his fat rolls

A 500-lb. inmate at a Texas prison was able to sneak a gun past prison guards after cleverly using his fat flab to his advantage. George Vera smuggled an unloaded 9mm pistol past several frisks and searches by wedging the gun between his fat folds.

4The gang members who stashed cell phones in their backsides

A Mexican prison gang all got caught hiding cell phones inside their backsides. Guards were tipped off by one of the gang member's mother who complained to them that her son couldn't get good reception in his cell. After not finding any cell phones in their bunks, they had them all x-rayed, where they found the devices neatly packed away. No wonder her son had crappy reception.

5 The inmate whose family melted drugs drawn into children's coloring book

Three inmates and their loved ones tried to smuggle drugs into a New Jersey jail on the pages of a children's coloring book. The drug called subozone, is normally used to treat heroin addiction but is classified as a controlled dangerous substance, and was dissolved into a paste and then painted into the coloring book. Scribbled at the top of the offending pages were the words "To Daddy".

Charged in the case were prisoners Zachary Hirsch, Charles Markham and Paul Scipione. Also charged were Markham's mother, Debbie Longo, of West Wildwood, New Jersey, and Katelyn Mosbach, of Trevose, Pennsylvania, who was still being sought.

6The Colombian inmates who trained drug smuggling pigeons

Inmates and their accomplices in Colombia used trained pigeons to smuggle both drugs and cell phone parts into the prison courtyard. The plan was foiled only because prisoners got greedy and overloaded cargo, causing the pigeons to be found by police a block away from the prison.

7 The strippers who were smuggled into a Miami jail posing as paralegals

Wealthy drug lords behind bars in a Maximum Security Federal Detention Center in Miami figured out a way to get strippers into prison. They had their expensive lawyers hire the strippers and pose them as paralegals or legal assistants. Supposedly, the women not only would take off their tops and let the men touch them, but they also snuck in items such as Playboy magazines, alcohol, and money.

8The prison guard who attempted to deliver a heroin burrito to inmate

Sometimes the criminals aren't the ones behind the bars, they are the ones outside of them. Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy Henry Marin, 27, attempted to bring a heroin-stuffed burrito into a courthouse jail for an inmate. Supposedly, this wasn't the first time the sheriff deputy engaged in this type of conduct and is now no longer watching prisoners or delivering burritos.

9The arrested man who had a gun hidden in his rectum

Michael Leon Ward from North Carolina was arrested and apparently stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum. According to police, the unloaded 10-inch weapon was not discovered until after the suspect had been booked into a cell in the county jail and had a thorough strip search. Thankfully the gun was unloaded.

10The father who had heroin stored in his anus to be given to inmate son through french kiss

A Colorado father and his inmate son tried to come up with a plan to smuggle heroin into prison. The plan was made through a series of phone calls between the two but, little did they know, authorities were listening. The plan was for the heroin to be brought into the prison by a female accomplice and then give to the son via a mouth-to-mouth kiss. The father, Mr. Donald Denney, 56, unable to locate a woman with a clean record to visit the prison, decided he would do it himself. Needless to say, authorities were waiting, and after a search found the heroin firmly planted where it shouldn't have been.