15 Hysterical Fridge Notes

Mom leaves the best notes.

Milk is a serious matter.

Too literal.

Here goes an effective way to help me diet.

What ever happened to grocery lists?

Besides cooking dinner, wives must be creative too.

I don't think the fridge is the right place for these types of notes.

Cops in Oldham, UK broke into the wrong house while searching for a fugitive. Rather than leaving an official note or apology after smashing in the door, they used the magnetic letters on the fridge to spell out OLDHAM TASK FORCE CALLED.

2% Occupy the Fridge

Option C.

No smashing mayo packets, please.

Crucial instructions.

Justin in Winston-Salem, N.C. spotted this classic mom note on the fridge at his friends' house — with a bonus roommate note, to boot!

Love the F grade.

Tom is angry.