16 of the Best ‘Meanwhile in’ Meme Pictures

The Meanwhile meme is an accurate way of describing a certain country, culture, or lifestyle using a simple picture. Much like any other meme, you need to be easily amused, and not easily offended in order to enjoy it.

Origin: Sometime in February 2010, a flipped image of a Holden Commodore (a very common Australian-made sedan) with the caption “Meanwhile in Australia” appeared on 4chan via /b/ board for the first time. An allusion to the age-old joke that everything in Australia is “upside down” (due to its southern hemisphere location), the image quickly became a favorite re-blog material on image board sites, blog networks and aggregate services.

Since then, multiple variations with countries or locations and their stereotypes have been posted.

1Meanwhile in China

2Meanwhile in Rio

3Meanwhile in Italy

4Meanwhile in Detroit

5Meanwhile in Finland

6Meanwhile in Romania

7Meanwhile at Disney

8Meanwhile in Iraq

9Meanwhile in India

10Meanwhile in Colombia

11Meanwhile in Alaska

12Meanwhile in Serbia

13Meanwhile in Russia

14Meanwhile in Germany

15Meanwhile in Japan

16Meanwhile on Google+