10 Wackiest Manger Scenes

Sure baby Jesus might be a little more hairy than he is in the traditional versions, but the entire cast as a whole is much cuter in this manger scene.

It's hard to figure out what looks tastier Jesus or the sheep. Then again, the manger is made up of both bacon and sausage, which probably explains why the three wise men trekked across a desert. If you have to rock a creches set, you might as well make it pork-based.

Booze manger scene.

Spiderman manger scene.

Florida can be a strange place.

Inflatable nativity scene.

A Holy Cat-astrophe

Gamestation has taken the peculiar step of recreating the Christian Nativity scene using modern video game characters. The stunt is to kick off its Christmas marketing drive and puts well known characters from our favourite games into the roles of key figures in the Christian story.

Atheists unveil ‘blasphemous' nativity in Wisconsin. In this atheist version of the nativity, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein are the three wise men. The baby, an African girl, is intended to represent the birthplace of mankind. The beloved angels are an astronaut and the Statue of Liberty.