12 Unique Stewardess Uniforms

“Look, they match the seats”! These uniforms from First Choice Airlines were once voted by within the industry as the worst cabin crew uniform ever!

In the 70's, Air Bahamas decided to show some belly buttons to increase sales, oh, and some country boots too.

This uniform was worn by BA flight attendants on routes between New York and the Caribbean. The dresses were made of fire-proof paper-like fabric. They were cut to fit the flight attendants, and discarded at the end of each flight.

Current Qantas flight attendant uniform.

Sichuan Airline Stewardess.

During Munich Oktoberfest in 2009Lufthansa celebrated by dressing its Munich-based flight crew in Bavarian traditional costume, the dirndl.

Hooters airlines in USA added couple of sexy stewardesses or attendants for additional customer service beside regular. Sexy Air Stewardesses are all hot and dressed up in hot uniforms. The women in the cabin are in orange short-shorts and tight T-shirts on flights. Hooters Air airline operates its main hub in Myrtle Beach, SC.

In the 70s flight attendants on Southwest look like they're ready for the disco in micro-shorts, low-slung belts, slinky scarves, and go-go boots.

Stewardess uniforms by Emilio Pucci from 1967.

Aloha spirit. The photo was taken on a Hawaii flight in the 1970s.

Braniff changed its conservative image in the mid-1960s and these uniforms were part of its new "hip" image. The space helmet was created to give Braniff a "space age" look, and keep the stewardesses' hair dry.

A variety of quirky uniforms, such as these ones, are on show at the Seattle Museum of Flight / Copyright The Museum of Flight Collection