12 Creepiest Baby Shower Cakes

Thanks to our reader Lux for the idea.

Well, at least the cake comes pre-sliced.


I want to eat the placenta part.

Yes, it's the “Baby Alien” cake, created for some geekette's baby shower by Zarathud, a cake-maker with an unearthly sense of humor. That's one weird kid and he/she's not even born yet! The alien shown bursting from the flesh-toned body of the cake is made of marzipan and drips bright red raspberry “blood”.

This is a baby shower cake looks more like a baby funeral cake, no?

Bye bye tummy.

It is important that we all know why we are gathered here today. Stick lady + cup of sperm = heart, baby, heart. All together now...

Water birth.

Do's and dont's. The baby shower is your last chance to teach some basics to the parents-to-be.

Ok, what's worse: the bone-white skin pallor, popped-out belly button that looks like the tied-off end of a balloon, or the fact that Thing-ette there seems to be sucking the life-force out of Octo-Mom Wraith-style?