8 Scary Stories Of Black Friday Shopping

In the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving is called "Black Friday" and it is one of the busiest days in retail traffic of the entire year. Stores monopolize on the Black Friday craze by opening in the middle of the night and offering goods at huge discounts. Unfortunately, when you combine sleep-deprived consumers, surging crowds, and a sense of urgency, the results can be very dangerous.

Below are eight examples of how Black Friday got completely, utterly out of hand this year!

1Woman Uses Pepper Spray Over X-Box Consoles

A Los Angeles, CA woman turned herself in to authorities on Friday night after using pepper spray on about fourteen people who were crowding around a Walmart employee as he opened up a new crate of X-Boxes. The 32 year-old woman sprayed other shoppers and employees, allegedly because she was trying to gain an advantage and get closer to the video gaming devices.

However, the woman was not charged with any crime after police reviewed the surveillance tapes with her in custody. The woman claims that she used the spray in self-defense because the crowd had started to crush her.

2Grandfather Bloodied After Trying To Hide Game for Grandson

A cell phone video has surfaced of 54-year-old Jerald Allen Newman (pictured above) seen bleeding and unconscious on the floor of an Arizona store as on-lookers cry out, "Police brutality!" Police accused Newman of shoplifting, but Newman and his grandson say that he merely shoved a video game into the waistband of his pants so that he could lift his grandson up and keep him safe from the pushy crowd.

3Target Worker Drives Into Reservoir After Long Shift

After working an overnight shift at Target on Black Friday 2011, a 36 year-old Florida woman was so exhausted that she went off the road and plunged into a 20 foot-deep canal. Since the woman couldn't swim, she called 911 from her car and rescuers were able to dive down and rescue her.

4Man Critically Shot In Parking Lot Robbery

Around 1:45 AM in the parking lot of a San Leandro, CA Walmart, a family of shoppers were returning to their car when a group of about four armed robbers accosted them and demanded their purchases. The family resisted and a fight broke out which led to a man in his 20's being shot and requiring emergency surgery. After the shooting, people in the parking lot were able to detain the gunman but the rest of the suspects got in a car and sped away.

5Gang-Related Knife Incident in Macy's Parking Lot

In Sacramento, CA, a suspected gang-related incident sent a teenager to the hospital with knife wounds to his abdomen. An argument broke out among two groups who were outside of a crowded Macy's store which had opened at midnight for Black Friday.

6Crazed Shoppers Fight Over $2 Waffle-Makers

At a Walmart near Little Rock, Arkansas shoppers started fighting, pushing, and screaming over waffle makers that were on sale for $2.00. See the unbelievable video:

7Attempted Robbery in Parking Lot

In South Carolina, 55 year-old Tonia Robbins was loading her purchases into her car at 1 AM when a masked gunman appeared and tried to steal her goods. One of Robbins's friends reached into her car and produced a handgun; the robber then ran off after her friend fired two “warning shots” into the air.

8Shoppers Step Over Dying Man

Walter Vance, 61, was shopping in Target on Friday morning when he had a heart attack and fell to the floor. Instead of stopping to help him, the other shoppers and employees ignored Vance for several minutes, some even stepping over him as they continued to hunt for bargains.

Target employees called 911 but did not touch him due to company policy, but eventually an off-duty nurse performed CPR on Vance until paramedics arrived. Sadly, Vance died at the hospital later that day.