12 Hilarious Sales Fails

The longer you stay, the more you pay.

NOTE: our reader explained to us that "the planet fitness deal actually does make sense. There are a few different plans. Either you pay something like 56 dollars up front and then ten dollars per month after, or you can buy a longer membership. If someone goes with the 10/month plan, after 18 months they will have paid 56+180=236. So paying 199 up front is actually a better deal if you stay with the gym."

It's a big liaf!

A great deal at $59.99 but we've marked them down to $69.99!

A penny for your thoughts.

NOTE: Back when The Simpsons movie came out, several 7-11 convenience stores were "converted" to Kwik-E-Marts. This sign is nothing more than a tongue-in-cheek promotion for The Simpsons movie. (Thanks to our readers, Chris and Alvis, for the info.)

A one-day sale that lasts for 2 days.

Look, this car is for sale, take a coupon… no, wait, you can't.

Save even more… yeah, right!

Who wants cancer? It's for sale.

I'm too confused, is it inside or outside?

This is what children have been reading these days.

Save minus 10!