14 Creative Sculptures Made of Beer Cans

Jack Kirby created this 1965 Ford Mustang using 5,000 beer cans he collected for his art and design work.

Tribute to the Turkish beer Efes Pilsen.

Nikos Floros, a New York-based Greek artist, created this opera costumes from twenty thousand beer and soft drink cans for an art exhibition in Athens. She spent years weaving together can strips to create this tailored work of art.

That plane's seen its better days...

Beer, would you like a beer?

Seen at Omaha Summer Festival.

Sweet ride, bro.

Beach by Julian Castro (made from a single beer can).

I'm all shook up...

Bottle cap and beer can sculpture in front of a supermarket.

Amazing peacock.

These pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New York into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies (Beer can butterflies sculpture by Paul Villinski). The butterfly art is attached to the wall with suspension wire, giving the can crafts a three dimensional pop.

Purse made from 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum beverage can tabs.

Helicopter sculpted from VB beer cans.