12 Craziest DIY Creations

1DIY Rolls Royce Phantom

Young Ruslan Moukanov, from Kazakhstan, fell in love with the luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom ever since he saw some pictures of it a few years ago, while sitting in the local library. Tormented by the desire to own a Phantom, Ruslan realized he couldn't just buy a 500,000 euro car, so he found a way around that. Using his master-tuner skills, the young Kazakh managed to transform his old Mercedes into a shiny Rolls Royce Phantom. He built the car-kit himself and managed to get his hands on the needed parts. If you don't count the time and effort involved, this Rolls Royce Phantom cost just 3,000 euros to make. And it looks amazing!

2DIY Floating Island

If you can't afford to buy your own tropical island paradise, why not build your own? That is exactly what Richie Sowa did back in 1998, from over a quarter-million plastic bottles. His Spiral Island, destroyed years later by a hurricane, sported a two-story house, solar oven, self-composting toilet and multiple beaches. Better yet, he has started building another one! His ultimate goal? To build the island bigger and bigger and finally float out to sea, traveling the world from the comfort of his own private paradise.

3DIY Jet Turbine Powered Bicycle

If skydiving doesn't quite do it for you, you could always strap a jet engine to your chest. That's what Bob Maddox did until discretion got the better of him and he decided a jet-powered bicycle might be a little safer.

Maddox, an artist and cabinetmaker in Medford, Ore., has been tinkering with pulse jet engines for seven years now. His Jet Engine powered bicycle goes really fast, but be cautious when the fuel runs out on an uphill climb! The engine pushes the bike to 50 mph and is way too loud.

4DIY Helicopter

A 24-year-old undergraduate from Nigeria is building helicopters out of old car and bike parts. Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi, a physics student, spent eight months building this yellow model, using the money he makes from repairing cellphones and computers. While some of the parts have been sourced from a crashed 747, the chopper contains all sorts of surprises. The 12-meter-long aircraft, which has never flown above a height of seven feet, is powered by a secondhand 133 horsepower engine from a Honda Civic. In the basic cockpit there are two Toyota car seats, with a couple more in the cabin behind. Controls are simple, with an ignition button, an accelerator lever to control vertical thrust and a joystick that provides balance and bearing. A camera beneath the chopper connected to a small screen on the dash gives the pilot ground vision, and he communicates via a small transmitter.

Mubarak says he learned the basics of helicopter flying through the internet after he decided it would be easier to build a chopper than a car.

5DIY Net launching gun

This DIY net throwing gun launches a net which leaves the victim stranded in his path, mingled in the web. It's made out of PVC pipe and compressed air launching system, which shoots a 9.5' wide net connected to four corner weights (shoot out simultaneously) adding in the air time of the net.

6DIY Floating Water Bike

Li Weiguo is the man who designed and built this floating bicycle, and the girl riding it is his daughter Li Jin. His amphibious bicycle has eight water buckets that act as pontoons and adjustable vane wheels that provide the driving power. It might not look as good as other custom made bikes, but at least you can ride it on water and land alike, and that's the whole point. The amphibious bike was presented on May 30 2009, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

7DIY Tractor

For independent farmers in Poland in the 1960s, it was nearly impossible to acquire a tractor. Any agricultural machines made in Poland during this period went to state-owned farms, and were too expensive for a private farmer to purchase. Plus, they weren't tough enough for mountain farms. So enterprising farmers built their own tractors, using decommissioned army vehicles, pre-WWII German machines, and anything else they could find.

8DIY Drinking straw

Composed of 44 dishwasher safe components, DIY Drinking Strawz make liquids get into your body exactly how you want them to. Want to mix drinks? Well, then build your straw to dip into two (or more) cups. Want to share? Then build an extra drinking branch. Want to mix drinks AND share? You can do that to!! Amazing, isn't it? And hey, if you want to go nuts and really suck, you can buy more than one set and make a mondo-gigantic straw. You could be the Suck-Meister.

9DIY Camera Obscura

The camera obscura has been around since before Leonardo da Vinci. The device projects and magnifies light from a small opening (a pinhole) onto a screen. The room built by Chris de Monterey provides a take on the camera with a rooftop opening, a mirror and a lens that projects scenes from around the Maker Faire onto a table in the center of the dark room. In 1979 Monterey replaced the 500-pound bearing and motor of the 50-year-old Giant Camera, which overlooks the Seal Rock area in San Francisco. The rooftop lens projects the scenery onto a circular table, painted white, in the darkened room. In order to bring the live view into focus, the table spins on a screw (to move up and down).

10DIY Glass Doorbell

This door bell is made of wine glass, specially hand made for those who think every time you get a visitor it's time for a toast.

11DIY Tampon Pan Flute

It's summer and the birds are singing their sweet songs. So Tampon Crafts living up to its name presented this DIY guide on how to make your very own Tampon Pan Flute to join the birds. This eight-note pan pipe covers an entire octave, so you can play some of your favorite tunes. The hills are alive with the sound of tampons!

12DIY Tank Top

Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should! Believe it or not, here's a DIY Tank Top made from men's briefs.