10 Funniest Wedding Fails

If you are going to get married and you want everything to be perfect, please follow these ten simple yet precious rules.

Rule number one: you probably shouldn't choose such a long stair, or such a long veil. (The comments say it's probably a guy, but it's funny anyways).

Rule number two: try not to choose a clumsy best man. (Best man trips, bride and priest fall into the pool).

Rule number three: during your wedding vows, try to keep your sexual thoughts to yourself. (Bride accidentally says "lust" instead of "love and trust" in her wedding vows!)

Rule number four: don't laugh your ass off during your husband's vows.

Rule number five: don't lose your fake teeth during the ceremony.

Rule number six: when you get out of the car, make sure all your dress is out too.

Rule number seven: make sure your veil is attached to your head.

Rule number eight: don't pass out during the ceremony.

Rule number nine: don't, absolutely don't, puke on the bride.

And finally… rule number ten: wait until the end of the ceremony to update your Facebook and Twitter status.