7 Recent Bizarre Crop Circles

1Fidget Spinner

This recently-discovered crop circle in England seems to suggest that even aliens cannot escape the latest craze sweeping the planet as the formation bears a striking resemblance to a fidget spinner!

Although not an exact depiction of the popular children's toy, the similarity was enough for crop circle expert Matthew Williams to say that the formation could be "the world's largest fidget spinner."

It's unlikely that those behind the crop art intended for it to be an advertisement for the toy since the last thing the fidget spinner needs is more word of mouth.

2Prince Logo

After Prince's death in 2016, retired farmer and plow artist Gene Hansen of Edgeley, North Dakota, decided to pay tribute to the beloved artist by creating a football field-sized Love Symbol.

The 75-year-old used a drawing of the symbol—which was Prince's name for a while—that he pulled from the internet as his guide. When he was finished, he flew his airplane over the field to take a picture, which is a good thing—the symbol will be gone soon.

3Giant Clitoris

It sounds a bit like a riddle—what's 400 feet long, French, and guaranteed to make a woman smile? The answer is a clitoris that materialized in a field near the village of Montferrier-sur-Lez by the Mediterranean Sea in 2016. The formation is the handiwork of two sexologists, Marie-Noelle Lanuit and Jean-Claude Piquard, and is a protest against the taboos that prevent the depiction of lady parts in public places, especially in textbooks.

4Mothership Glass Logo

The stunning 330-feet-wide circular design covers two acres and has 20 different symbols that resemble astrological signs around a central mandala. It has been described as the best formation of its kind in the crop circle hotspot between Wiltshire and Dorset.

The circle appeared overnight in a wheat field, and no footprints or evidence of human involvement were found. But some observers have drawn a comparison to the logo of the American company Mothership Glass, which creates intricate bongs. The symbols featured around the edge have been spotted in a design posted on the Washington-based firm's website.

5Metatron's Cube

This 400 foot-wide crop circle was found on July 18, 2017, in a wheat field near Cley Hill, Warminster and is described as a variation of Metatron's Cube, one of those sacred geometry figures that give a crop circle a greater air of mystery as well as a high challenge for perfect completion. Metatron is a name that often appears in the media, and the location of the crop circle has an old legend involving Satan. A Metatron's Cube is a set of 6 rings placed in a hexagon around a central seventh circle, with six more circles extending from the inner six, for a total of 13.

6Ebola Virus

As governments were instituting measures to protect their citizens from the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in 2014, one Italian artist was determined to do his bit—by making a crop circle. Dario Gambarin, from Verona, carved up 37,000 square meters of a field in Castagnaro, creating a 200-meter image of the virus's structure, accompanied by the words "EBOLA VIRUS."

Although the crop circle had some artistic merit, its purpose—to "raise awareness," the artist says—was a little unnecessary, given that the virus had dominated headlines during that time.

7Jesus Christ

Are we alone? Crop circles near Dorset have sparked thoughts that something may have attracted an extra-terrestrial visitor. This formation appeared in a field near Cerne Abbas.

Shazz Hooper, 35, took a drone out to take aerial photos of the striking pattern. Her interest lies in the mystery behind what created them. Speculators think this design resembles a religious symbol of Jesus Christ.

Crop circles, or crop formations, are patterns produced by flattening crops. Experts agree they are man-made, although some people claim there are mysterious forces behind the patterns.