10 Most Astonishing Aerial Photos Taken By Drones

This aerial photo from a soccer field in the middle of a forest just outside Moscow by @fevonos is green perfection.

Photo taken by @j_of_aaa

Dude where's my car? This amazing photo of a parking lot is part of an awesome collection of drone photos, courtesy of #Fromwhereidrone.

A drone capturing an image of another drone.

Photo by @droningdutchman

The tulip fields in the Netherlands look even more beautiful from this point of view.

Photo by @tomlees1.

Your court, my rules. Another great symmetrical find from the #Fromwhereidrone collection.

An amazing shot of Jökulsárlón Beach in Iceland.

This looks like a collection of tiny buttons, but it's an amazing view of Wildwood Boardwalk in New Jersey by Ty Poland.

Photo by Instagramm user @4_23

A taxi driving the zebra-like streets of Guangzhou, China.

Photo by @waterproject

Just a calm day swimming and kayaking in shark infested waters in Tahiti.

Find your target, fire, aim, and fire again. Stunning picture of Melbourne by pat_kay.