10 More Crazy Swimsuits

1The Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit

The Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit by Beloved Shirts, comes with the slogan: "Make the pool boy say 'WTF!'" We believe the pool boy will instead be rendered speechless and just spend the remainder of his time in the company of the person wearing this suit looking for the nearest exit. Should you still desire to scare the wits out of the unsuspecting guy cleaning your pool, the suits sell for $44 on the company's website.

2The Loong Sleeve Bikini Set

The Loong (yes, that's how it's spelled) Sleeve Bikini Set by Amir Slama confusingly covers up the entirety of one of your arms with a giant bell sleeve and is made of a denim-like fabric. What if a fish swims up there? Will the sleeve weight you down if you try to swim? We have so many questions!

3The Facekini

In 2014, 60-year-old entrepreneur Zhang Shifan made headlines worldwide for creating the "facekini" —a stretchy mask designed to protect beachgoers in China, where fair skin is prized.

When Chinese women go to the beach, they hide under umbrellas, pile on layers of clothing, wear wide-brimmed hats, or don a facekini, which shields their entire body from the sun.

Zhang attracted customers by convincing them they needed to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays and dangerous jellyfish. Her sixth collection features the world's most endangered animals, including giant pandas, alligators, and Siberian tigers. Despite the ridicule the suits have attracted, they are now popular across all demographics.

4The Shocked Trump

If the hairy chest swimsuit wasn't enough to freak the hired help out, this Shocked Trump one piece should do the trick. Also by Beloved Shirts, the suit features 45 with his mouth agape for a mere $49.99. Before you head beachside, however, you have to wait about ten days for delivery, as every Beloved Shirts suit is handmade.

5A Skirted Monokini

Former Disney star Adrienne Bailon may not be aiming for the title of "Worst Swimsuit Of All Time," but this skirted monokini meets 50s space suit bikini may just well take the prize.

6Prada's Fried Egg Swimsuit

It's so hot you could fry an egg... at the beach?

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's introduced a bold new line of swimwear at Miami Fashion Week in June 2017. The Spanish designer is famously colorful with her creations, and she apparently has revived the fried egg design from her 2009 fall collection as the focal point of this red swimsuit.

7Alter's String Latéral Flash Bleu

Once again, we have a LOT of questions...

This the half man-thong actually has a name: it's called a String Latéral Flash Bleu and it is made by a company called Alter. You can purchase the cock sock (because that's pretty much all it is) from the French underwear website Inderwear. But, please, do yourself (and us) a favor and don't!

8The Thingthong

BBH Asia Pacific copywriter Douglas Hamilton believes you shouldn't let a minor thing like the lack of a swimsuit stop you from jumping in the ocean. The solution? The ThingThong! This product is for that ultra-last minute trip to the beach—adjustable elastic Y-straps and the slipper itself will cover your modesty.

9A Topless Little Mermaid

Shoppers were shocked to find a topless Disney princess on a child's swimsuit in British retail giant Asda at the Ventura Retail Park, in Tamworth.

The Little Mermaid's Ariel was seen without her trusty shell bra due to a suspected manufacturing issue. An Asda spokesperson said, “We're sorry for the printing error on the Little Mermaid swimsuit, which was caused during the production process. It only affected a small number of the swimsuits which were available from George, and we'd like to reassure our customers that we have removed all stock from sale and will ensure this doesn't happen again.”

10The Putin One Piece Swimsuit

Do you believe you'll be in collusion with the beach this summer? If so, we have the perfect one piece for you—a smirking Vladimir Putin suit, also by Beloved Shirts. If you don't want anyone to know you were there, just say you were somewhere else—people will believe you, despite evidence to the contrary.