11 Weirdest Coffees & Coffee Shops Around The World

Espressos are for the brave, Americanos for psychopaths, and cappuccinos and lattes are for the rest of us. Those are the rules of coffee, right? Not when you add avocados, merengue, or charcoal. Check these new bizarre coffee trends.


The latest hipster food obsession is the "avolatte," a latte (which is a fancy term for coffee with milk) served in an avocado shell. Developed at the Truman Cafe in Melbourne, the idea spread via the internet and around the world, pretty much instantly. It appears to be an eco-friendly way to add a bit of avocado flavor to the drink, but not everyone likes the idea. What do you think?

2Colorless Coffee

Many people abstain from consuming too much coffee because it can take a toll on their pearly whites. Well, thanks to the world's first colorless coffee, you don't have to worry about stained teeth anymore. David and Adam Nagy, two Slovakian brothers who like strong coffee and their teeth, decided to create it themselves. Called CLR CFF, their innovative drink is just what it sounds like—clear coffee, without the vowels.

It seems like a gimmick, but the Nagy brothers claim that CLR CFF is made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water, with no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or sugars added. It apparently took them three months to come up with a colorless coffee that tastes the way coffee should, and—for now, anyway—they are keeping the formula a secret. All they are willing to say is that CLR CFF is created through “physical processing” that involves “methods which have never been used before,” and that an additional amount of caffeine is added after the brewing process.

3Charcoal Coffee

Activated charcoal is in everything nowadays, from toothpaste to ice cream—and now you can find the gritty black stuff in your morning joe. Yes, charcoal lattes are a thing and are trending on Instagram (probably because the sooty gray color makes for a particularly superb social media post).

These drinks are—surprisingly—not made with caffeine. Instead, swirls of charcoal are mixed with creamy milk to create a frothy wake-up call that's even trendier than your roommate's morning green juice cleanse.

4Burning Coal Coffee

If you're looking for an exciting way to enjoy a cup of java, try dumping a lump of hot coal into it—this gimmick worked for a coffee stall owner in Indonesia who has since become famous for his sizzling charcoal coffee.

Yogyakarta is perhaps the only place in the world where you can have your coffee served with a piece of red-hot coal. It's called “Kopi Joss, ” and it was invented back in the 1960s by a coffee shop owner known only as Mr. Man, to soothe his upset stomach.

The current stall operator, Alex, says that Mr. Man (who has since passed away) was making coffee when he had an epiphany. He laid eyes on the burning coal that he used to boil the water and dumped a piece into a cup of coffee. It worked, and he started selling it to brave customers as well.

Unlike the charcoal coffee above, this one does have caffeine.

5World's Strongest Coffee

Some people can't wake up without a cup of coffee—and for a select few, a whole pot is sometimes necessary. If you just can't get enough caffeine, you might want to head to The Viscous Cafe in Australia, where you can find one of the world's strongest cups of coffee. Just one mug of this brew is the equivalent of 80 regular cups of coffee. Each serving contains 5 grams of caffeine—with 18 grams fatal for a healthy adult, three cups from Viscous would put you dangerously close to death.

6Caffeine-Free Coffee Shops

What's the point of drinking coffee if you can't get your caffeine fix? In 2015, a different kind of café was derided by caffeine addicts in New York. That's right, the decaffeinated pop-up shop started handing out free samples in the city that never sleeps, and it was called “the first sign of the cultural apocalypse” by some coffee-loving New Yorkers.

The pop-up was the brainchild of the Canadian-based company Swiss Water Decaf, which encourages people to "discover the art of coffee without caffeine."

7Black Insomnia Coffee

This might be the perfect gift for coffee lovers or people who hate sleeping.

The International Food Information Council recommends a daily caffeine intake of 300 mg, while the FDA recommends 400 mg. But just one 12-ounce cup of Black Insomnia brew contains 702 mg of caffeine, which will not only keep you awake, it may even cause some health problems.

Black Insomnia Coffee was founded in 2016 by Sean Kristafor, who wanted to create the strongest coffee in the world. The secret Black Insomnia's high caffeine content is in the way the beans are roasted, but Kristafor is not interested in revealing the process—he only says that they can make it considerably stronger, and had to dial it down for the commercial version, so it was safe to consume.

Black Insomnia was originally only available in cafes in Cape Town, South Africa. It was so successful there that within months of its launch in summer 2016, it has already expanded to 22 countries around the world. The company claims it sells almost six tons of its coffee every month and is barely keeping up with demand.

8Meringue Coffee

Take Out Drawing Cafe in Seoul has begun serving its espressos topped with huge mountains of meringue. Meringue doesn't melt, so customers can break off pieces and dip them into the coffee for a delicious egg white and sugar-infused cup o' joe. Unsurprisingly, the coffees have been a hit on Instagram.

9Deconstructed Coffee

In a world where vomiting the colors of the rainbow onto each and every food item is met with mass approval, how can one tell when a food trend goes too far? That's a question we're asking ourselves after hearing of a coffee styling from Australia that spectacularly went up in flames before it ever had the chance to take off.

The current debacle surrounds an unnamed Melbourne cafe's so-called coffee. Their "deconstructed flat white"—three separate beakers of hot water, milk, and espresso served on a wooden board—has been widely met with ridicule.

10Espresso Tonics

Tonic has a new best friend (sorry gin). In fact, the bubbly quinine-laced beverage has been hanging out with coffee a bunch lately and together, they yield a cold, caffeinated and carbonated drink that's growing in popularity.

11Wine Infused Coffee

Wine? Good. Coffee? Also good. So why has it taken so long for people to put the two together?

One cafe has finally given us the beverage we've been waiting for: red wine infused coffee. Molinari Private Reserve, a café in the Napa Valley, takes red wine and roasts it with coffee beans, creating a coffee blend that smells like wine, tastes like wine (especially as you add more milk, apparently), and has a hint of blueberry.

It also tastes like a rich, full-bodied coffee, mind you, so it's not like you're drinking a microwaved Merlot. To be clear, this coffee won't get you drunk—the wine's just in there for flavor, not booziness.