11 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

Here comes Peter (or Petunia) Cottontail—bulging out his (or her) ill-fitting costume.

This is something she'll have to "make up" for eventually. Kylie Jenner recently launched a line of highlighters, or "Kylighters." They sold out in three minutes as Kylie's products often do, but many were shipped empty.

Sad songs from the small chair.

A magic carpet ride like no other.

This man ordered a OnePlus One phone from Amazon, but that did not equal a real working cellular device.

Strong enough for a kid, but made for a cat.

Soup for one—literally.

Someone beat the stuffing out of this bear, or maybe it was never there to begin with.

This knock off court jester's skull mask is so bad, it's not even funny!

iWatch...as you make a bad online shopping decision.

No one flipped their wig over this purchase.