Is it OK to Ask About Money in a Tarot Reading?

When it comes to money and more materially focused things, there are some who think that you shouldn’t get tarot readings focused on that topic. Some even feel that money is something of a “dirty” topic, and that you shouldn’t be focusing on it at all.

We’re of a more pragmatic persuasion. While money may not be the pinnacle of your spiritual journey, it certainly is a part of it, just like everything else in your life. And since money is also part of creation and the Universe, we don’t think it’s any more or less spiritual than anything else.

A money tarot reading is more than just OK, it’s a great idea.


How should I ask my question for the reading?

When it comes to your money tarot reading, since it’s a very precise and practical topic, you need to think about the question and ask it in a way that gives you as much practical insight as possible.

For instance, if your question is related to getting a bonus at work, or getting a raise, ask about it and add a temporal clarifier to it too. If you’re getting a yes/no reading, for instance, don’t just ask “Will I get a promotion?”.

Formulated like that, the question applies to pretty much the rest of your human experience. If you’ll ever, during the course of your life, get a promotion – which is very likely to happen! –, then you’ll get a positive answer. But we’re thinking you might like to know if you’ll get a promotion within, say, six months or a year more like. So add in a timeline of reference.

If you’re getting another type of reading than a yes/no one, then think about starting your question with “How will I…?” or “Under which circumstances will I…?” rather than “When will I…?” or just “Will I…?” . Give spirit as much room as possible for providing you details or extra information while keeping your question specific, clear, and within a timeframe of reference.


Should I get specific and offer details as part of the question?

While some like to get readings just to test out the way tarot works, which is fine as well, we’d advise you to get the most of your reading experience by actually giving it a chance to help guide and support you.

To that end, we’d advise you to offer as much detail as you feel comfortable when you’re getting it. You can go into minute detail too, if the reader, program or app allows it. The more information available, the better the interpretation of what comes up.


In short

Getting a money tarot reading can help you make great progress in your career or with your business, decide on your next move with your investments, or choose the best options for your savings.

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions you truly want answered just because they revolve around the topic of money.