The Weirdest Things You Can do This Summer

This summer will be different than last, and we are all thankful for that. But it doesn’t mean you can’t spend your time doing the weirdest, and most fun, things.

Crash a Wedding

Yup, just like the movie. Well, not just like the movie but kind of. Dress crazy and walk into (and stay) at a strangers wedding. Dance, eat, drink, Hell, chat up the couple! It’ll be a lot of fun and honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? Either you have a great time, or you get kicked out and you have a great story. Sounds like a blast.

Make Tie-Dye Shirts

They aren’t really in style, or are they? I mean the 90s are coming back so I guess it could be true. Plus, if you’re looking for activities, this one is easy and quick to do at home. First, take a white t-shirt and lay it flat on a table. Make stripes by rolling your shirt from the bottom hem to the neck, so it ends up looking like a long tube. Use rubber bands to tie loops around the shirt roll, for less stripes, use only a few rubber bands and likewise, for more stripes, use more rubber bands. (You can also start and roll the shirt instead from side to side, and therefore the strips would go the other way, to change it up.) Soak your shirt if needed and prepare your color. From there, dye your shirt and let it set. Rinse it out, wash and dry your shirt, and it’s ready. There are so many different things you can do with rubber bands and colors.

Make Fresh Lemonade

This isn’t the weirdest thing per say but it does take some work. Buy a bunch of lemons and squeeze them. Or use a juicer of some sort, whether old school or electronic, and get all the lemon juice out that you can. Add some cold, delicious water and sugar to taste and there you go. If you add a little bit of pulp, too, it will remind you of the lemonades from the fair.

Spend the Day for Free

Literally, don’t spend a penny. Play board games, watch the birds, take a walk, read a book, watch a movie you own, do yoga on a towel or the carpet, read the newspaper etc. There are so many things that you can do for free!

Do These Random Things for a Day

Take a picture of something random, like a camera that doesn’t work anymore, a pay phone booth, or an old radial, cord phone. Stare at someone to see if they turn around, because they have the “someone’s watching me feeling.” While a song is playing, poke someone or something to the beat of the song. Draw pictures in the dark to see what they look like. Write without looking and see how you do. Put ingredients you have in the pantry into a recipe generator and make something with what you have. These are the weirdest things to do for sure, and the funnest, too.

Listen Up

This is random and weird, and could be done endlessly, so you should try it out. Listen to two songs at the same time and see what it sounds like. Can you imagine rap and KPop at the same time? Or hair bands and Christian at the same time? This is for sure one of the weirdest things to do.

Find Out the Truth

Or Amazon’s truth, as it were. Order two things from Amazon and see which one comes first. Do you know where I’m going with this? Order an egg and a chicken from Amazon, and see which comes first.

Answer This Way

With a question. That’s right, for every question someone asks you for the rest of the day, answer with a question.

Count Squirrels

Whether you go to the park, look out your window, take a walk, or turn on Discovery channel, find a way to count squirrels, and do it. Not the weirdest thing but fun, and why the heck not.


Ya, just run. See how far you can run before you have to stop. See how fast you can run for a distance. See how slow you can run for a distance. See how long a “walk” would take if you run for parts of it as well. Running can let out stresses, emotions, and more. So, go run!

Eat Food

And videotape yourself. As if that isn’t weird enough, play it in reverse and see what it looks like.

Watch Cartoons

Seriously. I did this just last weekend and it was great. Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Coyote, and more. Cartoons from the “old days” were so good and you will enjoy watching them for a while, whether it’s Sunday morning with a bowl of cereal or Wednesday night with a bowl of popcorn.

What are the weirdest things you want to do this summer? Let’s crash a wedding! Who’s in?