Hide Your Pic-a-nic Baskets, Yogi’s on the Prowl

  • A black bear went roaming through Fort-Meyers, Florida this week.
  • Instead of tranquilizers, officers opted for Krispy Kreme donuts and blueberry pie fragrance.
  • The bear was safely caught and relocated out of the city.

I’m right there with you if you get to the end of this story and realize there’s not much difference between you and a 250-pound juvenile black bear. We’ve done a few posts on how the quarantine and shut-down of cities worldwide have the delightful side effect of more animal sightings. Granted, some of those stories are straight-up hoaxes. But others are just a natural side effect of urban sprawl intruding on limited habitats of wild animals. In Fort-Meyers, Florida, local black bears become more active in the springtime, looking for both food and mates. 

Photo by Simon Infanger on Unsplash

The healthy, if lost, 18-month-old bear led authorities in a pre-dawn chase through downtown Fort-Meyers. Adam Brown, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer, told the News-Press that they avoid using tranquilizers on animals in populated areas. While it seems like that would be the fastest, safest way to contain a wild animal, tranquilizers don’t work right away. 


“The bear sometimes will run away, and we didn’t want to take any chances of it running into traffic or the residential area,” said Brown. In these cases, they prefer to use humane traps to move the animal. And it’s also the point in the story where a kinship might blossom between you and the bear. 

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash
How to Trap a Bear

Officers baited the trap with Krispy Kreme donuts and a blueberry pie fragrance. Because apparently trapping a black bear is a cartoon scenario. But it worked. The bear entered the trap and was relocated to state-managed wildlife preservation land. A quick reminder: take responsibility for the safety of wildlife living in your area. Don’t put garbage out the night before pickup and keep pet food locked up. As tempted as you might be, don’t put out donuts for bears wandering through the neighborhood.