If You Have To Have An Emergency Plane Landing, Hopefully You Have a Pilot as Fly As This Guy

  • This guy really saved the day, the plane, and possibly a good portion of the city (that was on the road anyhow!)

A small plane landed on Interstate 8 on Friday, just before the weekend. The landing took place in El Cajon in Southern California.

It isn’t so crazy that a pilot was able to emergency land this plane on the freeway, but sliding right into traffic the way he did? Now that takes skill.

Highway Patrol Officers contacted officials at about 11:20 AM stating that a single-engine aircraft was having problems. And they weren’t the only ones who observed the plane and the strange happenings.

Zach and Keri Decker were on their way to a dentist appointment while driving on I-8 when they saw the plane flying so close to the ground. As seen on video, the plane landed easily and cleanly between moving vehicles on the freeway. The plate managed to miss the powerlines and the center divider. Now that’s what I call staying in your own lane.

After the scene unfolded, the Deckers’ young child in the back seat yelled, “Watch out for the airplane!”

The video posted by Keri Decker has had more than 1.5 million views. “It was like magical, like the fact that he was able to maneuver around the cars and that the cars were smart enough to get away” from the plane, Keri Decker said.

And all this from a flight instructor? Yup! You know you are being taught by the best from someone who could pull off such a flawless emergency landing.

Ryan Muno was giving flying lessons when the plane’s engine lost power. Muno took over the controls after realizing they couldn’t make it to the airport and that’s when he safely landed on I-8 heading westbound.

The plane landed less than two miles from the airport and Jim Anderson drove past the plane shortly after it had landed.

“The two gentlemen (in the cockpit) were talking to each other. They looked like they were catching their breath because they had just come to a stop,” he recalled.

Former baseball player Muno became a pilot after an injury prevented him from furthering his baseball career. “I’m so proud of him,” she had said. “He’s on his way back home, and I just want to hold him and not let him go.”

Thanks Muno, you made for odd news and you saved the day!