What Do Daycare Centers and Crack Cocaine Have In Common?

  • In this case, a lot

Daycares get a bad rep. It’s not all daycares that are bad and in fact, some are truly amazing, caring environments for children to grow.  But then, there are the ones with crack cocaine.

And no, this isn’t a play on words or food. This is really about crack cocaine from a daycare. Here’s the story.

When her 4-year-old daughter brought crack cocaine home preschool, the mother wanted answers. Serenity, the little girl, had come home to show her mom something she had brought home that day.

When Sabrina Straker saw what Serentiry had brought home what she thought was teeth from school that day, she thought the situation was off. “I told her, ‘He needs to put that under his pillow so the tooth fairy will come,’” the mother said Thursday. “I was examining it, and she brings me more.”

Straker couldn’t tell what was inside the vials, so she took it to her local precinct to have it checked out. When the detectives told her what it was, Straker was shocked.

They said it was crack cocaine. And if that wasn’t shock enough, Serenity, who had been acting super hyper told the officer and her mom that the rocks tastes terrible.

Serenity then put one of the rocks into her mouth as her mom and th officer looked on horrified.

“She just couldn’t help herself,” Straker said. “She couldn’t stop talking. Even at the hospital, she was still up and going nonstop like the Energizer Bunny.”

Because Serenity could have died of a drug overdose, Straker pulled her daughter from the school and demanded it be shut down. “No one was watching the children. There are 15 kids in the room with two teachers and two aides, where were they when this was going on?”

The director at the Lil Inventors Child Care in the Bronx, Yvette Joseph said that someone threw the drugs over the fence and that’s how it fell into the hands of one of the children.

“We’ve been in the neighborhood for over 40 years, and nothing like this has ever happened,” Joseph stated. “Unfortunately, we live in a high-risk neighborhood, and it’s a neighborhood that, you know … you know what goes on in neighborhoods that are high-risk.”

The New York Police Department is investigating the incident.


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